Jed York Ups Contribution to $2.4 million for Four City Council Races

By Robert Haugh

Jed York made another big contribution on Wednesday in his effort to win four City Council seats.

This time he contributed $950,000. His total contribution is now $2.4 million. Wow.

York is trying to take control of the City Council by electing the following people:

  • Anthony Becker (District 6),
  • Harbir Bhatia (District 1),
  • Suds Jain (District 5),
  • Kevin Park (District 4).

York is officially opposing the following candidates:

  • Rob Mezzetti (District 6),
  • Bob O’Keefe (District 5),
  • Councilwoman Teresa O’Neill (District 4),
  • Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe (District 1)

Stand Up for Santa Clara’s Burt Field tweeted this in response yesterday.

The City’s website has charts that show the spending for all districts from all sources. 

Spoiler alert: York is outspending everyone by a lot. Santa Clara voters may not be happy but TV stations are.

Councilmember and County Supervisor candidate Dominic Caserta chums it up with 49ers CEO Jed York. Mercury News photo.


  1. Thanks for posting the link to the City website with the charts (scroll to the bottom of the page and click on any chart to enlarge it). The visual of the charts showing the amount of money being spent on the 49er candidates is astonishing and nauseating. Don’t let Jed York buy our city council.

  2. Is this a record for how much was spent in a local election? I am sure the ruling class ass has more to throw away. Jed is the bad guy!

    Just say NO to Jed York and his four minions, Harbir Bhatia, Suds Jain, Anthony Becker, and Kevin Park!!!

  3. Sadly, not surprised. No matter what he ends up dumping into this election it will be cheap if any of his candidates wins.

    Santa Clara fell for his lies once before, my suggestion is not to do it again.
    Burt Field

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