New Video Ad for “Santa Clara’s Team” Features Dancing and Catchy Lyrics

By Robert Haugh

The Santa Clara Police Officers’ Association is out with another video. It’s fun. It features dancing and upbeat music. The lyrics are catchy, too.

We were hoping that the Jed York Boogie would be replaced by the Jed York Disco.  But we can live with this. It’s a good campaign ad. 


  1. Haha this town is not for sale ? The Gillmor Gang sold Santa Clara to the niners in 2010. Are voters that blind and have that much short term memory?

    • Ginny
      Slight corrections here.
      The “Gillmor Gang” as you call did in fact make a mistake. All involved have publicly owned up to that mistake.
      I hope you realize It’s ok to make a mistake, everyone does. I respect people when they own up to making a mistake, instead of making excuses or blaming others. Sounds like you are suggesting we make a second mistake? If we do, does that make the first mistake go away?
      Nope… in fact the hole just gets deeper and deeper.

      Fool me once shame on you.
      Fool me twice shame on me.

      Come on Ginny, hope you love Bruce Springsteen as much as I do, feel free to sing the next line with me.

      “Poor man wanna be rich, rich man wanna be King, and the King ain’t satisfied till he rules everything.”

      I could quote Bruce all day, and every time I hear the song Badlands I think of people like Mr. York who are never satisfied with their life, no matter how good they have it.
      Can Santa Clara really do anything more for this man than we already have? Look what we have already done for him.

      We first rented to the 49ers years ago, 11 acres of office and practice space. That 11 acres is now in the shadows of Levi Stadium. How much do they pay a month in rent? $2,500 a month.
      We past Measure J. This allowed the residents to pay for and built a stadium for him. Cost $1.1 Billion.
      His company goes from $500 Million in value to 3 Billion once the Stadium is finished being built.
      We handed him the keys to the front door.
      We then decide to put his company in charge of running the Stadium.

      What more could this man want? Answer…. I can hear Bruce warming up, come on Ginny let’s sing the song again.

      Burt Field

    • Burt, I remember how great they said it would be. The reason why niners do what they do is cause the deals were in favor of the niners. The Gillmor gang knew it. Now they are the biggest game in town and everyone shrieks at the mention of their name like it is something from Harry Potter.
      Yet right across the street is the future project related Co who happens to fund the POA who in part funds the candidates of Gillmor’s choice. It is developer gray money. Yes the niners outspent what was the biggest game in town the POA (developers). The fact though it is all legal which puts bigger spotlight on our national laws. Kathy W’s video on northside and the stadium recently is a laugher because she was the one with Gillmor telling all of us there will be no problems.
      Yet every concern residents had back then now has the stadium cheerleaders Watanabe, Gillmor, Davis telling us all the issues that basically residents pointed out 10 years ago. Didn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that one. It comes down to we don’t need shills on city council.
      Basically you are now saying it is wrong because another independent PAC basically outspent them ? It is the same thing just I personally see it as the Niners flexing their power at the cost of the candidates. It’s personal vendettas with Gillmor and Related owner again at the expense of canidates, innocent bystanders and above all the residents of Santa Clara.
      Stephen Ross an NFL owner of the Miami Dolphins and an owner in the related property. This is a battle of billionaires that are fighting for control of the city. Basically this council invited this mess all the way back to the very notion of bringing the stadium here. Welcome to #Yorkville & #Relatedville where money can buy you anything in Santa Clara right ? Santa Clara was always for sale and now there are certain candidates out there willing to fight for it.
      The reason why The Gillmor Gang in still in office blows my mind especially after what they let happen to this city. They invited it in. Everyone part of that stadium campaign are now out of office except the Gillmor gang.
      Can’t fool the voters over and over. Lots of us saw this coming when Measure J was approved.

    • Peter, thanks. Right now I am proud to be one of your Park and Rec Commissioners. I believe I have reached my benchmark. The more I know about Public Office, the more I realize what a thankless job it is, and I respect all of those Public Servants that work to keep our best interest at heart.
      Have a great one, vote if you haven’t already!
      Burt Field

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