Election Day Results: Early Returns Favor Watanabe, Park, Jain, Becker

By Robert Haugh

By midnight on Election Day, 57 percent of projected countywide votes were counted.

In District 1 Kathy Watanabe leads 54-46 and has a 284 vote lead over Harbir Bhatia.

In District 4 Kevin Park leads 57-43 and has a 694 vote lead over Teresa O’Neill.

In District 5 Suds Jain has a commanding 62-38 percent lead over Bob O’Keefe. Jain’s vote lead is 1,082.

In District 6 — In a 3-way race, Anthony Becker has 42 percent of the vote. Rob Mezzetti has 37 percent. And Gary Barve has 21 percent. Becker’s lead over Mezzetti is 307 votes.

The County usually updates information mid morning.

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  1. To give future candidates a clue, Suds Jain has talked to many of his neighbors. Footwork makes a difference. (In Zoom times maybe Zoom meets instead.) We don’t live in his district and, offhand, I’m not sure we would have voted for him if we did live there, but consider: Not only has he met his neighbors, he also has been direct about what he feels is important.

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