Council Preview: Administrative COLA Adjustments, Stadium Catering Advertising, Tasman East Plan & More

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s Council meeting includes the following:

  • Approval of no cost of living and merit compensation increases for the City Manager and City Attorney and approval to apply the benefit changes for the City Manager and City Attorney, unless stated otherwise in the employment agreement, as included in the new Miscellaneous Unclassified Management Employees (Unit 9) Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Request from the Stadium Manager for Authority to Execute an Agreement with Silicon Valley Business Journal for Non-NFL Catered Events Advertising.
  • Acknowledgement of the winners of the Santa Clara Cultural Commission’s 2020 Halloween Home Decoration Contest.
  • Report from the City Manager regarding COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Action on Affordable Housing Agreements with TOD Brokaw, Inc., for a 725-Unit Apartment Project at 1205 Coleman Avenue.
  • Public Hearing: Actions on Amendments to the Tasman East Specific Plan (TESP) and Action on a Resolution Approving the Findings from the TESP Infrastructure Impact Fee Nexus Study and Setting the Rates for the Infrastructure Impact Fee.

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