Special Announcement: Santa Clara Historic Home Tour Now Online

By Robert Haugh

You can stroll through Santa Clara’s historic Old Quad, in person or virtually starting today.

Visit the Historic Home Tour website using your computer or smartphone for a self-guided tour.

The tour will help you learn the history behind public and private historic sites that are special to the Mission City. Visitors will get an understanding of the architectural styles of our special homes.

Some of these homes date back to the 1850s. On the website you can see the last farm still open to the public and the oldest train depot west of the Mississippi. There are six different tours you can take.

For those who want a deeper dive into architecture, there’s extra info on each site. You can learn more by clicking on “Architectural Styles & Glossary.” The links describe the various styles and have a glossary of terms.

According to the Historic Preservation Society of Santa Clara, the online tour will be a permanent part of the webpage and it’ll be updated frequently.

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