Tuesday Night’s Santa Clara Swearing-In Ceremony Done Remotely

By Robert Haugh

On Tuesday, the newly elected officials were sworn in. That was supposed to be the highlight of the night. (But thanks to Councilman Raj Chahal it wasn’t).

But we thought it would be a good thing to remind people of what happened during the special occasion.

  • City Clerk Hosam Haggag was sworn in by his daughters.
  • Police Chief Pat Nikolai was sworn in by Haggag.
  • Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe was sworn in by Congressman Ro Khanna.
  • Councilman Kevin Park was sworn in by Stephanie Chan, Music Director for Voice of the Valley Choir
  • Councilman Suds Jain was sworn in by Haggag.
  • Councilman Anthony Becker was sworn in by former Councilman John McLemore.

All the oaths were administered remotely and safely, except for Becker’s event.  Becker had multiple people in the room with him. They were all standing close together.  All were masked but Becker wasn’t.

Haggag and Nikolai had family members from the same household in their rooms.

The Haggag children win the award for the best swearing-in.


  1. How much does flaky Fleck receive when the CVRA lawsuit is settled? Motivated by money!

    By the way, for a filmmaker Anthony Becker’s zoom feed looked like it was right out of Eraserhead. Sad.

  2. This is not a new site, its a blog. He can put what ever personal comments he wants in these posts.

  3. Robert Haugh you continue to amaze me. You find the pettiest things to go after and always negative about 5 councilmembers (Chahal, Jain, Park, Hardy, Becker) but not 2 others (Gillmor, Watanabe)
    Your bias is truly shown and whose side your on.
    As Anthony’s mother it is my right and my choice to be at my son’s home to see him be sworn in this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, hopefully again in 4 years.
    We practiced every protocol for masks, sanitize, had every door and window open in the house as well as fans.
    Mr. Haggag the city clerk had the same number of people in the frame with no masks, kind of hypocritical if you ask me and I thought Mr. Haggag was great speech and cute moment with his kids.
    My son was not wearing the mask for those who are hearing impaired. This is so they can read lips . We have friends and family members that are hearing impaired and viewing from far away.

    So Robert, tell us about your court date(s)…..

    • You just pointed out what was clear in the photo. If you don’t live in the same household, I think the County rules say you’re not supposed to gather.

    • Based on Doyle’s comments Tuesday your son may be the one telling folks about HIS court dates.

  4. When journalist report an event or story, I thought personal comments were left out of the article. What is disappointing for readers today, journalist lack objectivity. This isn’t new, true journalism seems to have left during the last decade. Today, I rarely see journalist being objective, they always seem to take a side regardless of the issue. Newspapers seem to have a real problem, as subscriptions drop around the country, true journalism has taken a long vacation. If the writer is going to make a comment or two, maybe you should state, it is an Editorial.

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