Best and Worst of the Week in Santa Clara: Santa Clara University Women’s Soccer and Assistant Police Chief Wahid Kazem

By Robert Haugh

The Good — The Leg Drop Award

The Santa Clara University Women’s Soccer Team won a national championship, the second in school history. They were ranked 11th and beat the 1st seeded team in penalty kicks. Congrats to the Lady Broncos.

The Bad — The Jabroni Award:

Assistant Police Chief Wahid Kazem told a Santa Clara resident to destroy police reports about Councilman Kevin Park. The next day, he appears next to Park receiving an award. What he did may or may not be wrong, but it certainly looks bad. Kazem needs to take a PR 101 class.


  1. Robert, it was awesome watching Santa Clara win the NCAA Women’s Soccer championship with both my kids at my side. It made me think back to when I was coaching them in PAL Soccer! Once again, Congrats to the Lady Broncos!!! However, I find your attack on Chief Kazem to be misguided and irresponsible. Let us please state the facts: The police department sent Mrs. Aligieri a non-redacted report which was in violation of their policy. Once that was discovered, Chief Kazem asked Mrs. Aligieri not to share that report with other individuals and destroy it, assuring her the Police Department would send her another report that met their guidelines. It is obvious that your target is really Councilmember Park but attacking Chief Kazem to accomplish that is despicable. I thought this website was for promoting what a great job our men and women in Blue do? Maybe instead of tearing people down you should focus on things that really count, like why are our garbage, water and electric rates are going up? Can it be that our City Manager has no clue on how to balance a budget? I see she wants to hire an Assistant Director of Community Development at $245,000+, yet she does not have enough money to put on the Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival in Sept that usually costs the City around $300,000 to host. The Art and Wine Festival is the City’s biggest fundraiser, which allows us to provide grants to various organizations like Santa Clara High and Wilcox Grad night. How about we stop hiring high level managers and spend that money on traditional events like the Santa Clara Art and Wine, SC Barbeque, and 4th of July Fireworks, that have all been canceled at the direction of the City Manager because she claims she doesn’t have it in the budget???

    • George George George!

      You really think it is okay to have a councilmember with DV issues? Remember Caserta who had to resign because of his behavior with young women? Its OK with you for Kevin Park to get a pass?

      And come on! No events because of budget and city manager? Watch the daily news. We are in a pandemic. No big events allowed.Thousands of people attend them. Oh the events were also cancelled in 2020 for the same reason.COVID! Not budget.

      Stop deflecting George. Stop lying about the budget.The new council is an embarrassment but it sounds like you are okay with that and their actions and lies.

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