What Does World Wrestling Entertainment’s The Miz and Santa Clara City Councilman Kevin Park Have in Common?

By Robert Haugh

The City Council censured Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe for not allowing Councilman Kevin Park to speak at a Stop Asian Hate rally.

It made no sense because Park never requested to speak until minutes before the rally ended. In fact, he never committed to attending the event.

It also really made no sense because Park himself said he wasn’t offended. 

The video on the discussion is here. Park first speaks here. Park comes across as really whiny. He reminds us of the WWE’s The Miz who is a notorious whiner.

At least four times, Park says, “Not speaking isn’t what offended me …”

Okay, then what offended Park?

“The bigger implication for me wasn’t that I wasn’t allowed to speak, it was past interactions where Kathy would not acknowledge me. She wouldn’t even talk to me.” 

“I have a long history with Kathy Watanabe,” said Park.  He claimed that Watanabe’s involvement in the Santa Clara Sister Cities organization was “one of the reasons” he left that organization.

Maybe that’s true. Maybe it’s not. Like The Miz, Park has a reputation for being annoying and saying things that he can’t back up.

For example, at the Council meeting, Park claimed Watanabe removed the Stop Asian Hate event from her Facebook page. That turned out to be false. Watanabe responded later, showing the event on her personal and Council member page.

Park also spent a lot of time saying he had a video to play but could never find it and never showed it.  Whoops.

So Park’s issue wasn’t really about Watanabe’s actions at the event. It was a lot of past stuff. It’s a shame he got the Council majority to play along.


  1. I just spent 50+ minutes of my life listening to such BS in regards to the treatment Kathy and Lisa.
    Oh how the “Fab 5” along with all their private advisors must have celebrated this waste of time and energy by so many people.
    Looks like the 49er City Council won another month from us.
    I’m left with a few questions.

    1. Is our City now better that we have very publicly censured and admonished 2 of our very best elected officials?
    2. What is the plan now moving forward?
    3. Finally, did someone offer to give Mr. Park a hug?

    Burt Field

  2. Mayor Gillmor kickin’ a$$!
    Vice Mayor Chahal having a coronary bypass!
    Councilmember Park blows gas!

  3. Kevin Park is both a wimp and a monster. I hope there is a special place for him and his supporters.

    How sickening is the thought of Kevin Park secretly admiring you? Barf!

  4. Another marathon meeting that had very little productive return for the citizens of Santa Clara. Especially the agenda item for censure of Kathy Watanabe and the admonishment of Lisa Gillmor. This item was brought forward by Councilmember Karen Hardy who fumbled through even stating the reasons for censure/admonishment and had to be bailed out by Kevin Park who then went on his usual prolonged nonsensical ranting claiming not to have been victimized or offended by Watanabe’s behavior at the AAPI event but then played the victim of what he claims is Watanabe’s past lies and behavior towards him going back years. Park claimed to have evidence and video of his claims but could not produce it when asked directly about it by Gillmor, ouch caught in another lie Park. One of the oddest moments of the meeting happens at the 8:01:19 time mark, when Park is trying to play the forgiving martyr and states “Everyone that I love has offended me sometime in my life, that doesn’t stop me from loving them”. Watch out Kathy, you might have a secret admirer.

    Now that it is all over and the council censured and admonished, as if there was ever any doubt, what was truly behind this. One of the phone in speakers attempted to give a timeline of Hardy’s actions leading up to her filing for censure/admonishment. I also looked at Hardy’s calendar on the city web site. The AAPI event that started this whole thing was on March 31st. Hardy lists on her calendar on April 3rd, a private meeting with the 49er VP of political affairs Raul Chandouk, the soul topic of conversation was the AAPI event. On April 8th Hardy submits the formal request for censure. The only other entry she has with anyone connected to this event is on March 26th, the lawyer Byron Fleck, who drew up the two resolutions for censure and admonishment. So the question must be asked what did Hardy and Chandouk talk about. Was the issue of censure and admonishment a political scheme of the 49ers to cause embarrassment for Gillmor and Watanabe and a tool they can use against them in future elections? Remember, Hardy is up for reelection next year, she saw the obscene amount of money the 49ers spent on their hand picked candidates, Jain, Park, and Becker and she wants to ensure they do the same for her. Oh and don’t forget about Chahal, he’ll need a lot of that 49er money for his run for Mayor in 2022. Jed York has three bought and paid for water carriers on the City Council and two shouting “Show Me The Money”. What are you going to do about it Santa Clara?

  5. It certainly doesn’t take a rocket scientist (no offense intended Kevin or was Suds the rocket scientist) to see the politically motivated dirty politics being played out once again in Santa Clara.

  6. How does this childish behavior help the voters? It doesn’t. The city has real issues to solve, this is a waste of time and Taxpayer money for the sake of grandstanding.

    Kevin Park’s only contribution…

  7. If anyone is looking for a reason the jed majority censured Kathy there is only one. It was not for keeping a Korean American from speaking at an Anti Asian Hate rally, that would be ridiculous. It was not for her past meanness to kevin park, that wouldn’t make sense. The one and only reason they censured her was because they could. A blatant abuse of power that we will no doubt see more of.
    Will we see more of this when we are back in person? Or will their misbehavior be tamped down by the obvious displeasure of the council audience, when they can no longer hide behind a screen. And will kevin park wear a mask of a black computer screen on it with his name on the display?
    Yes, we will see more abuses of power since as we know power corrupts and we are seeing it on display.

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