New Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce Names New Leadership

By Robert Haugh

The Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce has done a major makeover.

Christian Pellecchia of Slatter Construction will be the new Board Chair. John Elwood of Kylli Inc. will be the new Vice Chair.

Other executive members are Ravinder Lal, Katy Scott, Ana Vargas-Smith, and Lou Mariani.

Congratulations to the new team. We hear that they’re working to re-establish a positive relationship with City Hall. 

That was a big problem for the past Chamber leadership who was constantly at war with the City Council and City staff.  They also steered the operation like the crew of the Titanic. In fact, in 2018, the Chamber couldn’t have had a worse year.

Some of the old leadership remains from the past. Let’s hope they’ve learned from past mistakes.


  1. Just re-read this and have to give you credit, Robert, for not making this an attack piece. You stepped carefully around the excrement w/o trying to hide it.

  2. I’d say, this new group doesn’t get really good marks? And why are they in part of the Chamber of Commerce? Did someone buy them a seat?

  3. What a welcoming bunch of ridiculous has been business people to welcome new business to Santa Clara. An impressive group of people to represent one of the most dynamic business areas in the world. How embarrassing for silicon valley and Santa Clara.


  4. Oh God I ❤️ this

    A Harbirbashery!

    Soooooo glad she and York LOST

    Bhatia is a big bully and a badass bullet was dodged.

    Good job on that loss! Whew!!

    The other 3 should have had same fate!! 😂😂

    Santa Clara needs a redo!

  5. …Stick a fork in it, it’s done! and so is the chamber. Prior leadership through incompetence and malfeasance sunk this ship long ago. Anyway the business model for advertising business services and lobbying local officials in California and Silicon Valley has changed. With direct marketing through the internet and social media there is no need for the services of an antiquated chamber. As far as lobbying, heck just look at the 49ers, why lobby them when you can buy them, 3 million dollars for 3 council seats. I also see that the 49er 4th wanna be council member Harbir Bhatia is on the chambers board of directors representing a non profit, the Joy of Sewa, does that really represent Santa Clara business??? If you look at the chambers members list, you’ll see a glaring lack of real business large and small, they bailed long ago. So now you’re left with this and a few old members that were part of the original problem.

  6. Lou ain’t the only leftover. You shudda posted the whole list! Ravinder? As past chair he can’t do more frickin’ damage to Chamber. But really….

    WAC! Harbir from Joy of Sewa? What.A.Joke! Surprised she didn’t rename herself Joan of Arc! Associating with a non profit after fleecing non profits all over SJ and SC and working for a fly by night shyster who is now bankrupt and being investigated by the SEC? Aye caramba! Keep her FAR AWAY from the money, honey!


  7. The chamber never learns. Lou Mariani is the worst businessman in town. Look at his debunked hotel. His father built a dream and Lou buried it. That’s not what we want for Santa Clara. He has all kinds of ties to the old assholes. This is a true link to the criminals of the past.

    What a way to start a maiden voyage.

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