Chamber Changes Name After a Really, Really Bad Year

By Robert Haugh

After a really, really bad year, the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce has changed its name. They are now the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce.

Earlier this week, we reported how the Chamber canceled its annual Outlook Conference/State of the City last spring.  But that was just the beginning of their problems.

In September 2018, the City officially terminated the Chamber as the contractor for the Convention Center because of mismanagement and malfeasance.

In October 2018, we reported that the Chamber PAC failed to file campaign reports with the City as required by law for four years.

In November 2018, the California Fair Political Practices Commission announced they would investigate the Chamber PAC for its reporting failures. That same month, they blew almost all of their PAC budget on attacking Mayor Lisa Gillmor with a brochure. She won 75 percent of the vote.

That same month, a City audit uncovered more fiscal mismanagement.

A few months ago, the Chamber told the PAC to take a hike and stop using its name.  (We wonder if the PAC can use the name now since the Chamber has abandoned it.)

No local leaders can remember an organization doing so poorly in a short period of time. Some have suggested that the problem was the leadership, not the name.

But the Chamber board remains the same. There have been no leadership changes. It’s like the Titanic kept the same crew:

Jan Eric Nordmo, Chair

Off the Wall Soccer

Christopher Boyd, Chair-Elect

Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center

Joe Siecinski, Immediate Past Chair

ActionCoach of Santa Clara

Christian Pellecchia, Treasurer

Slatter Construction, Inc.

Harbir Bhatia, Chair

2018-2019 Community Relations Committee

Selectiva Systems

Ravinder Lal, Chair

2018-2019 Economic Development Committee

The UPS Store #4636

Jamal Newborn, Chair

2018-2019 Membership Services Committee


Lou Mariani, Chair

2018-2019 Government Relations Committee

Mariani’s Inn & Restaurant

Arlyne M. Diamond Ph.D

2018-2019 Service Committee

Diamond Associates


  1. everyone of of these ‘shipmates’ should be investigated … sinking ship …

  2. What function do they provide? Based on the members in this article, ineptness training is all that comes to mind.

    Bon voyage!

  3. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet … and dead fish by any other name would still stink.

  4. Not a good year indeed. I wish them luck in their rebranding and hope they can change more than the name. As Bill Shakespeare, said “What’s in a name?”

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