Best and Worst of the Week in Santa Clara: El Camino Specific Plan and Kevin Park

By Robert Haugh

The Good — The Leg Drop Award

Four members of the City Council listened to neighbors’ concerns about the El Camino Real Specific Plan. They reduced the original height of buildings. And there’s still an opportunity for more housing and retail. Kudos to Mayor Lisa Gillmor, Vice Mayor Raj Chahal, Councilmembers Kathy Watanable and Anthony Becker.

The Bad — The Jabroni Award:

Three Councilmembers voted to increase building heights on the El Camino. They were Councilmembers Karen Hardy, Suds Jain, and Kevin Park. They could have shared this week’s Jabroni Award. But Park takes the prize because he insulted Santa Clara homeowners. “Just like you can’t ask toddlers to specify their own lunch, you can’t really have single family homeowners design a city,” Park said.


  1. When will in person council meeting resume? It’s time these council members face the citizens they insult and not hide behind a computer like an internet bully.

    • Here! Here!

      To call these traitors out and be able to tell them their *boss* Jed-boy is an embarrassment to the legacy of Bill Walsh and so many others would be a savory moment!

  2. Councilmember Park’s public statement at the last city council meeting equating Santa Clara homeowners with children is very disturbing on many levels first of all with his other well documented behaviors, it shows that he is a Grandiose Narcissist with a highly inflated imaginary level of self worth. What Park cannot understand is that Santa Clara was built on the back of all Santa Clarans especially homeowners that chose to buy here, plant roots, raise families, create jobs, open business’ who worked with the City and the entire community to make Santa Clara a truly wonderful place. With what he said about homeowners, just imagine what he thinks about renters and the low income and homeless population, per Park they should just remain silent and thank him for his divine wisdom and governance. Through his own actions and words, Kevin Park has lost any respect and trust that he might of had with the public and the community of Santa Clara, Kevin Park can never be an effective leader in Santa Clara again (if he ever was).

    Kevin you must resign immediately or the public will remove you!

    Please contact the Mayor and City Council and let them know, KEVIN PARK MUST GO!

  3. I have sent and email to Mayor and City council to have Council member Park be censored or at least admonished for his comment about single family home owners. Who does he think ‘designed’ the city. Who served on the Planning commission, the City council, the architectural review committee and etc. For the most part single family home dwellers. I know if a structure that is going to be built in my neighborhood would enhance my neighborhood or not. Since I am not sure, but assume that Council member Park is a Single Family Home Dweller his statement is all the more insulting.
    Single family home owner in District 6, Lee Broughman

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