Redistricting Commission For City Council Districts Accepting Applications Until Friday

By Robert Haugh

After the 2020 U.S. Census data is available, the City will draw new City Council district lines. Based on population changes, the current district lines may change.

An Independent Redistricting Commission will evaluate the census info and help adopt a new City Council District election map.

The Commission will be up to seven members and have one alternate. Commissioners will receive a stipend of $50 for each publicly noticed meeting.

The deadline for applications is this Friday, August 13 at 5 pm. Here’s the online application form.

There are only two qualifications for applications:

  • Must be a resident of Santa Clara and resided in their Council district for at least 1 year
  • Show (2) two proofs of residency

But there are a lot of disqualifications:

  • A person, or the family member of a person (i.e., spouse, registered domestic partner, parent, sibling, child or in-law), who has done any of the following in the preceding eight years, shall not be appointed to serve on a Commission:
  1. Been elected or appointed to, or been a candidate for, an elective office of Santa Clara.
  2. Served as an officer of, employee of, or paid consultant to, a campaign committee or a candidate for elective office of Santa Clara.
  3. Served as an officer of, employee of, or paid consultant to, a political party or as an elected or appointed member of a political party central committee.
  4. Served as a staff member of, consultant to, or contracted with, a currently serving elected officer of Santa Clara.
  5. Been registered to lobby in Santa Clara.
  6. Contributed five hundred dollars ($500) or more in a year to any candidate for an elective office of the City of Santa Clara.

You can learn more about the process at this site.


  1. Hope this doesn’t mean that a bunch of 49er bought councilmembers are going to appoint their *friends* to a commission just to make $50 a meeting. This is a bunch of hooey. You serve the people. Not to make money off the government. What a way to teach people to serve.

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