Send a Message to the 49er Friendly Councilmembers Who Want to Fire City Attorney Brian Doyle For Standing Up for Santa Clara, Meeting Tonight at 5:30

By Burt Field

In a recent story from the San Francisco Chronicle we learned how the 49er-friendly Santa Clara City Council will try and fire City Attorney Brian Doyle tomorrow.

In that story, the 49er-friendly Councilmembers: Anthony Becker, Raj Chahal, Suds Jain, and Kevin Park wouldn’t comment on why.

Photo courtesy of Stand Up For Santa Clara

But we know why.  

Brian Doyle blew the whistle on the team for breaking local and state laws.

Brian Doyle also led the legal battle to stop the 49ers from lowering their own rent. That resulted in a swing of $180 million in our favor.

Brian Doyle has been Standing Up for Santa Clara.

Now, we need to stand up for Brian Doyle.

Please send a message today before 5 pm. The meeting starts today at 5:30 pm with public comment.

Don’t let them get away with a secret, closed-door meeting with no public comment. That’s what they want. That was clear from Becker’s email.

You can email a comment to Include “Don’t Fire Brian Doyle” in your subject line.

Or click this link to the comment section on the City Council meeting website.

Here are some messages you can send:

  • Jed York spent $3 million to elect 3 Councilmembers:  Becker, Jain, and Park. Now they are paying him back by firing a good city attorney who stands up to the team.
  • Rather than follow local and state laws, the 49ers would rather get rid of the city attorney so they can do as they please.
  • We expect our City Council to represent the best interests of Santa Clara, not an NFL franchise who tried to take our soccer park and routinely violates our curfew laws. Getting rid of Brian Doyle will be the next step in their effort to take over Santa Clara.
  • It’s shameful that the City Council wants to fire Brian Doyle in a secret meeting behind closed doors. If you want to help Jed York, do it publicly in front of Santa Clarans.

Here’s how to watch and comment:

  • Via the City’s eComment (now available during the meeting) 
  • Via email to
  • As always, the public may view the meetings on, Santa Clara City Television (Comcast cable channel 15 or AT&T U-verse channel 99), or the live stream on the City’s YouTube channel or Facebook page.

Thank you for your help.

Editor’s Note: Burt Field is co-founder of Stand Up for Santa Clara, a grass-roots watchdog organization born out of the fight to save the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park in 2015.


  1. To Randy Rappaport,
    The 49ers are a professional NFL team. They are more successful than average NFL team. Having the taxpayers fund NFL teams for millions of dollars is not good public policy. There are other uses for the money — lower our taxes or improve city services/schools. The owners of these NFL teams are billionaires who do not need taxpayer subsidies

    • Thanks Bob…really not much we can do to help educate someone like Randy Rappaport, a person who obviously does not understand the whole story and the huge negative impact this one company has had and will have on our City.
      I will say this. It is a short list of Cities that have done more to support a professional sports team.
      It is even a shorter list of Cities that would ever do it again.

      Burt Field

  2. As a lifetime resident of the city of Santa Clara, it is shameful the way you have treated the 49ers. They are a significant and great organization that any city in the USA would be proud of. They have suffered from the attacks by this Council that has done nothing to help with the issue heat and noise with no roof on the stadium cause, arrested 49ers team members to make an example of and were unwilling to do anything to help them get through the Covid forcing them out of the county. No one made or wanted the Santa Clara City Council to be an anti-capitalism organization; except for a few radicals. This have not represented the best interest of citizenry. The 49ers in their city are an endless treasure for the community and should be protected; driving the 49ers out of the city would be a great lost.

  3. Someone please start a petition to recall these council members. My extended family and I will all sign it and vote these unethical council members out.

  4. I think that Jain should be the first council member to be recalled. He has repeatedly lied to District 5 constituents. He lied about being able to vote for downtown related issues and SCU related issues. He is also not able to vote on BART related issues.

    What is he actually able to do for District 5 other than push his own agenda?

    Now, he voted to terminate our city attorney after the 49ers told him they wanted him gone. When questioned, he said it was “irrelevant.”

    Time to go….

  5. Wow! Just heard the news! F*** youz 4 and Hardy! Youz don’t deserve to serve the good people of Santa Clara. Pleaze get rid of theze jerks!

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