City Council Preview: After Brian Doyle Firing by the 49er Five, Interim City Attorney to be Discussed in Closed Session

By Robert Haugh

Tonight’s City Council meeting includes some interesting items like:

  • Closed session on Public Employee Appointment — Interim City Attorney. As everyone knows, the 49er Five ousted former City Attorney Brian Doyle. So they need to see who’s willing to take the job. A lot of eyes will be on this person especially if it looks like a politically connected appointment.
  • Action on a Written Petition submitted by David Donaldson on August 14, 2021 to add an Agenda Item to a future Council Agenda to Consider Placing a Ballot Measure on the 2022 Ballot for Charter Amendments calling for the voters to consider (1) Establishing Mayor and City Council positions as full-time and with an annual salary of $96,000 and $80,000, respectively, plus commensurate benefits and COLA adjustments and (2) Campaign Reform actions relative to donations from Santa Clara businesses and residents, City matching funds for donations, funding caps, and disclosures of funding raising activities.
  • Report from the Stadium Authority Regarding Stadium Manager’s Request to Approve Budget Amendment for Levi’s Signage Repairs CapEx Project and Execute Amendment to Agreement with Bear Electrical Solutions, Inc. for Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services. City Manager Deanna Santana raised this issue last month at a Council meeting as a potentially illegal act. This should be interesting.

Some other items:

  • Presentation by Santa Clara Relay for Life
  • Proclamation Commemorating the Twentieth Anniversary of the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001
  • Proclaim National Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15, 2021 through October 15, 2021 
  • Public hearing on Consideration of Silicon Valley Power Quarterly Strategic Plan Update (Deferred from July 13, 2021)
  • Public hearing Action on a Rezone from Planned Development (PD) to Planned Developed (PD) of the property located at 190 N. Winchester Boulevard


  1. It’s obvious why the 5 stooges had to get Brian Doyal out of their way, he wouldn’t let the Niners screw the city! Mr. Doyle was one of the few “good guys” at City Hall. How dare he actually represent and defend the citizens of Santa Clara(sarcasm)!!! Recall of this tyrannical council is definitely appropriate.

  2. I think paid Mayor an Council positions is
    a terrible idea! For years the positions were volunteer and then we added a stipend.
    Santa Clara has eliminated a lot of as needed positions and now you want to creat full time position with benefits.
    Several members of the council don’t understand how to behave or proper procedure. Five of the Council members aren’t even dedicated to their constituents.
    I’m against full time paid Mayor and Council.

  3. Mayor and council as full-time employees of Santa Clara? HORRIBLE IDEA. Various councils in the past have tried to put through the idea of a paid council and failed miserably, as they should. Greedy, self-interested people are already on the council and if we have paid positions, we can only expect more and more of the same. They are already being paid a nominal salary plus more for attending outside meetings. By keeping the council a (semi) volunteer body, we hopefully have a better chance of attracting people who are truly interested in Santa Clara and it’s residents welfare – not parasites who hope to make a buck off the backs of Santa Clarans while doing nothing but playing political games and ignoring the good of anyone except those who pay them off.

    • Here! Here! Good sentiments and truth! This idea is no doubt a stupid idea and will benefit no one except Suds Jain. After this last week of BS, our city doesn’t need for the BS to get any deeper.

    • Not only benefit Jain but Becker and the Scientist Park are also jobless. Dominc Caserta actually proposed this a few years back.

  4. Per the Brown Act and other statutes in the Government Code, if discussion or appointment of the Interim Attorney is in closed session, as agenized, Only current attorney employees can be discussed. Any other non employee attorneys must be discussed in open session.

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