Santa Clara Hosts Free Workshop on Worker Cooperatives, an Ownership Model for Small and Family-run Businesses

By Robert Haugh

On Thursday, September 16, 2021, at 3 p.m., the City of Santa Clara sponsors another workshop on worker cooperatives.

This one will address the question: “How do you spread ownership and control across a group of people?” 

The major focus will be on democratic governance and participatory management.

This workshop will provide advice to entrepreneurs and workers interested in learning lessons directly from the worker co-op community. 

Last year, the City held a study session on worker cooperatives. 

The idea started with Kirk Vartan, the founding owner of A Slice of New York (ASONY), a Santa Clara business that’s won tons of awards for best local pizza. ASONY became a worker cooperative recently. And the pizza is still award-winning.

Vartan initially approached Mayor Lisa Gillmor to get the City to sponsor the educational effort.

Here’s the City’s site on worker cooperatives for more info.

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