City Council Preview: City Council Scheduled to Appoint New City Attorney (Again), Review El Camino Specific Plan (Again), and Other Things

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s Council meeting has a very full agenda. 

  • Closed session Public Employee Appointment — Interim City Attorney
  • Closed session Threat to Public Services or Facilities — City Manager & Information Technology
  • Closed session Conference with Legal Counsel-Existing Litigation — Forty Niners SC Stadium Company LLC, et al., v. Santa Clara Stadium Authority, Demand for Arbitration through JAMS, 07/26/2019
  • Study session — Direction to Staff on Alternatives for Revisions to the El Camino Real Specific Plan; Possible Action on the Consultant Contract with Rami & Associates and budget amendment for Revisions to the El Camino Real Specific Plan (Continued from September 28, 2021 and to be Heard Early on Agenda)
  • Proclaim October 2021 as Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Proclaim October 2021 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • Recognition of Outgoing Cultural Commissioner Teresa Sulcer
  • Introduce Santa Clara Swim Club’s New Head Coach
  • Study session on Presentation on Business Tax Ballot Measure and Other Potential Revenue Measures for November 2022 Ballot
  • Action on the Introduction of an All-Electric Reach Code Ordinance, including Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging, that Amends Chapter 15.36 (Energy Code) and Chapter 15.38 (Green Building Code) of Title 15 (Buildings and Construction) of the Santa Clara City Code (Deferred from September 28, 2021)
  • Nine items requested by Councilman Anthony Becker


  1. It would be great if some of these issues have some teeth. I think Kevin’s kinky enough he likes the slap on the wrists.

  2. Seems like Groundhog Day has come to Santa Clara – again! Basically another $heyetee $hooooow. Better get the popcorn and butter ready Folks!

  3. In the midst of the largest budget deficit the City of Santa Clara has ever seen due to Covid 19. After the new city council majority voted to defund our police department and slash our fire department. Councilmember Becker has added several items for public hearing on the 10/19 council meeting agenda. He actually wants to move City Hall to a new downtown location and paint the crosswalks in the city with rainbow colors. It is actually sad that in his desperate attempt to appear relevant, he continues to demonstrate his total incompetence in representing his district or the City as a whole.

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