Santa Clara City Council Review: Unhoused Project on White Oak Lane Rejected, City Council Wants Better Sites

By Robert Haugh

Last night’s Santa Clara City Council meeting was dominated by a Project Homekey proposal that took multiple hours of discussion.

A long list of speakers called in, most of them from the neighborhood near White Oak Lane and Lawrence Expressway. That’s where the project to support 60 unhoused families was located.

The City Council unanimously rejected the proposal, 6-0, citing costs and location challenges near Lawrence Expressway.  

But they asked staff to work with Life Moves and the community to identify better sites in Santa Clara. Life Moves is an organization dedicated to helping homeless individuals, families and veterans.

Vice Mayor Raj Chahal was absent from last night’s meeting.

Because of the late hour most major items were deferred to next week’s meeting.


  1. WOL residents are grateful to mayor gilmore for support last night. WOL residents voters will support her. She is brave and cares. Not afraid of pressure from other party. This is leadership needed. Thank you mayor gilmore and council. we are disappointed in council jane. we don’t support her. maybe jane is man. Thank you.

  2. thank u for hearing residents to VOTE NO on white oak ln. so
    happy. want homeless to be safe. expwy is not good for family
    and kids. council is good leaders. but suds jain is not. he didn’t care.

  3. I am Sunnyvale resident who live near this possible homeless shelter.
    Thank you to SC council for listening to all speakers. Thank you to mayor
    and councilwoman who took time to visit location. You all make good
    decision even though you receive much pressure from other party. Thank
    you to for not listening to councilman who wanted to keep WOL site.
    You are smart. He not so smart.

    Good luck in future.

  4. Vice Mayor Chahal was huddled at the 49ers HQ with the esteemed Jed York, learning the 49ers playbook in anticipation of taking over for Kyle Shanahan. Raj will making his debut next week on Monday Night Football.

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