Best and Worst of the Week in Santa Clara: 49ers Political Consultant David Beltran and Asian Law Alliance’s Richard Konda

By Robert Haugh

The Good — The Leg Drop Award:

Most people thought it was a shady move when 49ers political consultant David Beltran created a document signed by the Asian Law Alliance’s (ALA) Richard Konda about district elections. But a couple of our readers thought it was a really clever move. The 49er campaign used the ALA and other groups as a front for their political interests. It was clever. And shady. So Beltran gets the Leg Drop Award.

The Bad — The Jabroni Award:

Konda is the Executive Director of the ALA. He’s also an attorney. We’ve been contacted by a lawyer who says that Konda crossed ethical lines in his profession when he got used by Beltran. So Konda gets the Jabroni Award.


  1. Happy Friday!
    So much frickin’ drama this week!
    Thanks, Robert!
    Hey, Konda (who definitely should change
    his name to Honda.He definitely hates Santa Clara)!!
    Where is ALA on the Vice Mayor of Cupertino hoopla!!??
    Why aren’t you out pounding the pavement yelling?
    Isn’t that what youre good at or only when Chandick
    tellsyou its okay?Ha! Ha!
    Go looking up more on Beltran, Robert. You’re just scratching
    the surface, Man! Who helped slick Alex Padilla’s
    assention to Sacto and DC? Did Padilla really have to
    get involved in the district drama in Santa Clara?Why?ROI for
    Jedboy,Mahan, Honda and Sellers?
    Ha! Ha! So much dirty frickin’ politics.
    Get rid of all of them.Just flush them down the Super Bowl.
    Have a great weekend, Man!

  2. All these idiots that gained political benefit by declaring Santa Clarans racist really piss me off and deserve NOTHING. I don’t care how clever they at being deceitful and dishonest.

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