Santa Clara City Council Review: Councilman Anthony Becker Tries to Dismiss Complaint Against Him, But Council Votes for Him to Meet with Residents

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara resident Travis Flora came to the City Council meeting to complain that City Councilman Anthony Becker was abusive on two separate occasions during the November 16, 2021 meeting. Both times were related to FIFA items, said Flora.

“By retaliating against a member of the public, Councilman Becker violated Santa Clara’s Code of Ethics and Values, injured the good name of the City, and undermined the effectiveness of the City Council,” said Flora.

Flora believes Becker is creating a hostile environment and the Council should consider admonishing or censuring Becker at a future meeting.

Becker immediately moved to dismiss the complaint. He was not a happy camper. You can watch Becker’s negative response here

Mayor Lisa Gillmor offered a substitute motion. She suggested that Flora and other residents’ complaints about Becker be taken seriously. Gillmor suggested that Becker meet with Flora and report back to the Council.

Becker agreed to Gillmor’s suggestion. Then Councilwoman Karen Hardy asked Becker if he would be more comfortable if she attended the meeting with him. Becker said yes.

The Council voted unanimously to have Becker meet with Flora and other residents who he’s offended and report back.

Laurel Park East Sound Wall

There was another resident request on another issue. 

Santa Clara resident Jared Peters wants the City to review what he and some of his neighbors say is an unstable sound wall in their Laurel Park neighborhood.

They succeeded in getting the Council to put the issue on a future agenda. The vote was unanimous. Gillmor had to recuse herself because she lives within 1000 feet of the sound wall she reported.


  1. Now that district 6 has realized they crapped the bed by voting in Anthony Becker, they need to do something about it.

    Recall Becker…

    You might even piss off Jed…

  2. I sent this letter to the City Council and it was read during public presentation. It is important residents know what is happening to our City and start asking questions about the behavior of Council Members Jain, Hardy, Becker and Chahal.

    Please read my letter during Public Presentation at the December 7, 2021 Council Meeting

    Dear Mayor and Council Members,

    It is with frustration and anger that I compose another email. The 49er Five, Jain, Chahal, Park, Hardy and Becker voted to change the curfew at Levi Stadium from 10PM to 11PM on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The 49ers agreed to a 10PM weekday curfew
    when approval was adopted in 2010. Why wasn’t Public Presentation allowed before the vote? Council member Becker said he doesn’t hear complaints about stadium noise or other problems. Mr. Becker’s district is on the other side of Santa Clara. Why don’t the 49er Five
    come to North Santa Clara and ask us what we think. Even our own District 2 representative (Chahal) doesn’t listen to us.

    I want Council Members Hardy, Park and Chahal to answer why they were getting a tour of Levi Stadium by Jim Mercurio the day before the curfew vote? I also want to know who paid for the Field Access tickets for Council members Hardy, Chahal and Park to be on the field during the National Anthem of that game? Were they gifts from Jed York?

    These same Council members, plus Jain and Becker voted not to extend funding for the police. Who is going to monitor the late problems at Levi? The Police are already short staffed. Crime is on the increase. We see a local shoe store, at Scott and El Camino, burglarized twice
    in a week.

    I’ve lived in Santa Clara since 1974. In that time there have been a few council members that I felt lacked integrity and professionalism to represent Santa Clara. Never have I seen five members of the same council, (Jain, Hardy, Becker, Park and Chahal) who all seem to lack the
    integrity and commitment to the people that is necessary. These council members are representing the 49ers. They
    voted to fire City Attorney Brian Doyle because Mr. Doyle was attempting to make the 49ers live up to their responsibilities and contracts. Who will these 49er Five go after next?

    I hope these pro 49er Council Members realize that we the voters are watching and some of you will want to run for re-election or even mayor. Many of us will be asking tough questions of your actions and decisions. Even the 49er money may not be able to help you.


    Carolyn McAllister

  3. Boot Becker Now! Start the recall!! As of the last election 60% of district 6 voters can’t be wrong!!!

  4. Becker has a high opinion of himself for someone with no expertise in local government. Does he know what decorum means? Becker, you are NO PUBLIC SERVANT!

  5. Both Becker and Karen Hardy are a couple of aholes. Karen can’t hide behind her being a teacher or her religion, she is not for her neighbors or Santa Clara.

    Becker is just an unaccomplished Homer Simpson!


    • Gotta ❤️ How ‘Karen’ offered to hold Becker’s hand to ‘go to the principal’s office.’

      Maybe Patty can hold the other one?

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