Best and Worst of the Week in Santa Clara: Wilcox High School Football Team and Councilman Anthony Becker

By Robert Haugh

The Good — The Leg Drop Award:

The Wilcox Chargers claimed the NorCal division 2A championship, advancing to a State title game. Kudos to them for an outstanding season so far and let’s hope they prevail in the state final tomorrow.

The Bad — The Jabroni Award:

Councilmember Anthony Becker tried to dismiss the public’s concerns about his behavior. But his colleagues want him to meet with residents he’s offended and report back.


  1. ABB Anyone But Becker

    I could go on forever. Becker is a no respect, no class, no experience, stoner and an embarrassment to Santa Clara.

    BBN Boot Becker Now
    BBB Bye Bye Becker

    I do have a problem calling Becker Homer Simpson. Homer Simpson has life experience, skills, class, he has a job and he’s a home owner and so much more. All the things Becker is lacking. Not a fair comparison. LOL

  2. What’s wrong with the picture of Mr. Becker?

    Answer……… well a lot of things could be written here, but the one thing that makes me sick…. he is wearing our Santa Clara City Shirt.
    The way Mr. Becker and his other bandmates have treated our City, I wouldn’t trust any of them with even being volunteer judges at a local Dog Show for homeless pets.
    Santa Clara City Staff shirts should be worn by only people who actually represent us.

    Teresa O’Neil…You willing to come back? You can wear a Santa Clara Staff shirt everyday of the week.
    Burt Field

    • I agree completely. Becker could not get or hold a reasonable job. This unaccomplished angry millennial has not one thing to offer our city. Patty helped him move out of his car and into district 6 and rent a room. So much for his commitment to district 6.

      The only attribute that he touts is that he is gay. What a huge slam to the successful LBGTQ community. I’m sure they cringe with Anthony Becker as their spokesperson.

      It’s time for district 6 to fix their big mistake.

    • Anyone of the Wilcox Chargers could do a better job than this Homer Simpson and Karen “we don’t need no stinking diversity, equity and inclusion task force” Hardy. A true racist hiding behind the cloak of religion.
      Every time these morons and their other 3 cohorts open their mouths, the City dies a little more.

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