49er Five Refuse Recommendation to Allow Santa Clarans to Continue to Elect Police Chief

By Robert Haugh

Last night, the Task Force on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion tried to make a recommendation. But the 49er Five on the City Council refused to accept it and shut them out.

First, they tried to ignore the recommendation by noting and filing the Task Force’s recommendation that Santa Clara continues to elect our Police Chief.  Wow.

But Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe made a motion to accept the recommendation and allow the Task Force to do public outreach.

“All of our Commissions and Committees have a right to give us their opinion or give us their recommendation,” said Gillmor.

But the Council majority didn’t like that approach. They want to act before accepting any input from the Task Force on the Police Chief issue. It’s pretty clear they disagree with the Task Force’s recommendation.

“I came into this situation with the understanding that people were going to have some thicker skins, that people were going to take what we had to say,” said Task Force Vice Chair Joyce Davis.

Davis was wrong about the Council majority. 

Councilwoman Karen Hardy made a motion to defer any Task Force action until after the City Council decides whether to put the Police Chief issue on the ballot this year.

That motion passed 5-2. Vice Mayor Suds Jain and Councilmen Anthony Becker, Raj Chahal and Kevin Park voted with Hardy. Gillmor and Watanabe voted against the motion.

Last night, the Council suggested they would make that decision in February when it sets its priorities for the year.

So look for the Council majority to move to get rid of Santa Clarans having the right to vote for our Police Chief.

This is a big developing story. 

We’ll have more information about the Task Force recommendation tomorrow. Here’s a brief section from their report:

Having fully considered its mission, charge, and the diligent review of its policing subcommittee, the Task Force seeks to formally recommend that the City preserve, reinforce, and celebrate its commitment to having an elected Chief of Police, given this structure’s benefits in ensuring access, accountability, and ultimately in promoting equity for the City’s residents.


  1. Mike

    I understand what you said about stopping the train. However, without Santa Clara not having their own newspaper, how do we let the people of our city, know what Jed York did, to destroy our City Council ? We went from voting for Santa Clara—-to voting for whatever Jed York wants. And he get’s it ! Our council now exists of our Mayor and Kathy Watanabe against . Jed York’s 5 IDIOTS.—- The bad people are winning.

  2. 60% of District 6 voted against Council Member Becker. Does he view this as a mandate to totally upend our City?

    Shouldn’t we have a pulse on the public BEFORE we add something to the ballot and waste money on an unnecessary, uncalled for ballot measure? I haven’t heard a single resident call for this. The lesson from the George Floyd murder was more transparency and more democracy, not less. We are the only ones doing it right.

    Also, the City Manager doesn’t even try to hide her tyrannical impulses anymore. Do we have to give her another raise when she controls the police department too? Shocking to see the stifling of speech at that meeting.
    Watch out for how the law is interpreted once she is at the helm, because that was a butchering of the 1st Amendment.

  3. Thanks Suds, and the “49er Five” for exposing the city to a brand new, $5 million lawsuit brought against the city, while you all repeatedly and proudly give us the middle finger at every turn. This group is floundering with basic concepts such as Becker displayed regarding Santana’s contract at the last meeting of 2021. I was hitting my head on the table as he could not grasp the difference between a contractual wage increase versus a cost of living wage increase.


    • Don’t forget what the potential lawsuit that the “no cause for firing the City Attorney” will cost!
      These bozos are going to bankrupt Santa Clara!
      And they keep harping on the civil rights lawsuit costing the City money?
      These 49er Five owe the City of Santa Clara one BIG apology!
      They’ll have lots of time in jail to write one.

  4. I wish these five A-Hole council members would look to the voters rather than Jed York.

    They are truly traitors and on the take.

  5. Hey, you have to give these 49er Five a little respect… at least they are consistent.
    They have their Marching Orders, we need ours.
    What’s amazing, and this is even crazy that I am saying this. I now have had to rethink what an Idiot is. These 49er Five have given me pause to rethink really when I call someone an idiot, do they actually meet the new lower standard I have now just had to create?

    So who are these 49er Five
    Hardy, Chahal… both up for Re-Election..Great opportunity to let the 49ers know how we feel
    Becker, Jain and Park.
    Recently a great comment was the “To Do” list for these
    1. Fire Attorney
    2. Remove Curfew
    3. Go after Soccer Park again
    4. Police Chief
    5. Mayor
    6. City Manager
    7. Lone Santa Clara City Councilperson

    How about just pay your rent, and stop suing us every time you don’t get your way. That would be a good / decent start. I think many of us would forgive you of lying and cheating us at every possible turn since the Stadium has been built.
    Just a thought.
    Burt Field

  6. And the destruction of the City by Jed York and his 49er 5 continues….

    It’s not too late to stop this train if people care about their City.

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