City Council Review: Severance Agreement Reached with Deanna Santana; Still no City Manager or City Attorney; And Redistrict Map Approved

By Robert Haugh

The City Council approved a severance agreement with recently terminated former City Manager Deanna Santana. It happened in a closed session. No details were provided in the open session.

But the biggest news from last night’s Council meeting is that the Council still hasn’t filled the city manager or city attorney positions. 


The Council unanimously approved moving forward on adopting an ordinance that will update Council Districts. 

An independent redistricting commission spent six months working on new district maps. The only major change is approximately 1,638 residents “moving” into District 1 from District 2. The redistricting comes after the completion of the 2020 Census.

Kudos to the commission on their work:

  • District 1 Shruti Mirashi (Chair)
  • District 2 Eric Aker
  • District 3 Kenneth J. Morris
  • District 4 Paul F. McElherne Jr.
  • District 5 Erik Jensen
  • District 6 Alok Agrawal
  • At Large/Citywide David Baldwin
  • Alternate Peter Haug


  1. I can only imagine the severance agreement for Santana – probably enough to sail off into the sunset happily.

  2. So Raj lost 1638 potential votes with this redistribution? Huza!

    Districts 4 and 5 are still screwed. 572 potential voters still have a rep who will do even less for them if that’s possible.

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