Best and Worst of the Week in Santa Clara: Santa Clara is the Top South Bay City in Bay Area Survey, 49er Five Likely to Hire Controversial City Manager

By Robert Haugh

The Good — The Leg Drop Award:

The San Francisco Chronicle ranked all Bay Area cities on quality of life. Santa Clara was #6 and the top rated South Bay city.

The Bad — The Jabroni Award:

The 49er Five fired a City Manager and a City Attorney for the first time in Mission City history. Their first hire is likely to be a controversial one if you believe the rumors.


  1. I’m excited to see who Jed picks for the city Attorney. Patty Mahan?? John Mlnarik?? B.J.Fleck?? Maybe Jed will share Gordon and she can represent the 49ers, ManCo and the City. Maybe they will let Mary O’Grizzle choose the new Attorney, she’s super smart using the Weakly as her source of information and news.

  2. It seems not so long ago that Batra put on that pathetic display in front of council attempting to spike his pension after he had voluntarily retired in 2017. He then filed a lawsuit against the City of Santa Clara again trying to spike his pension. On 1/9/2020 the judge rejected his two charges and Batra’s attorneys asked for the case to be dismissed. In the order of dismissal, the judge did not waive the court fees or the City’s attorney’s fees. So, one question that must be asked, did Batra ever reimburse the City for its legal fees as a result of his frivolous lawsuit? These monies are public funds.

    Secondly, what council member in their right mind would ever consider an individual for any position, let alone City Manager, after they had filed a frivolous lawsuit against the City.

    The records can easily be found on the county court web site:

    Case # 19CV342946
    Rajeev Batra vs City of Santa Clara

  3. “On behalf of the entire City Council, we thank Rajeev for his commendable leadership,” said Santa Clara Mayor Lisa M. Gillmor. “We are appreciative of all the work that he has done as part of the executive team over his tenure and particularly over the past year as the City Manager.” Why then are you bashing him before he even gets started. From what I’ve read he did a fantastic job as acting city manager. Lisa and the Council also thought he did a good job.

    Do you hate the the council so much that you would cut off your nose to spite your face? I don’t know who Bhatra is and don’t recall his time as City Manager, but he has a solid background with the city at least in the articles I’ve read.

    • Wowza, Mary is reading Robert’s column again! Hee hee!
      Do your research, Mary! You like to do research!!
      Batra loves the 49ers almost as much as the 49er 5.
      Did Raj tell you to write this? Or your buddy Sellers?
      Wake up, Mary. You’re been sold the Brooklyn Bridge.
      Sad. You seemed so much smarter.

    • Mary why are you hating on Robert when you said ” I don’t know who Bhatra is and don’t recall his time as City Manager” If you were involved and paid attention you would understand. The 49er 5 are ruining this city

      Batra is a great pic If you’re Jed York and you want to own Santa Clara. I can still remember the lame look on Batras face when it was time to make Manco own up to Measure J and show details of Non NFL finances. He was lame when any decision came up that was against 49era and ManCo. He clearly was not interested in doing what was right for the city. He did good work until he was interim CM. He was and is Jeds boy so he is a perfect choice for a complete city take over by Jed and another example of Jed getting a return on the 3 milion he spent buying our council. Mayor Gillmors comments no doubt were just her being polite and classy like she always is. Anyone that cares about Santa Clara was happy to see him go.

    • Mary O I have 5 acres on the moon for sale if your interested. What happened to you? Obviously senility is setting in. The intelligent kind woman I used to know is gone. Stop leg humping the 49er 5, it’s not a good look on you.

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