49ers Spending Big in San Jose Mayoral Race, Raising Questions About What They Want

By Robert Haugh

The 49ers are supporting Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez for Mayor of San Jose.

They’ve created an independent expenditure committee and funded it with $300,000.

We should see advertising created by the team’s political consulants for Chavez soon.

The San Jose political establishment is asking what they want from her and San Jose. Afterall, the 49ers are known for buying political support in Santa Clara. 

In 2020, Jed York succeeded in taking over the City Council. He wrote checks for $3 million to help elect Anthony Becker, Suds Jain and Kevin Park.

The three candidates had never won a Santa Clara election before. They were a combined 0-6.

Since taking office, Becker, Jain and Park have been repaying York with votes for things the 49ers could never get before, like changing the weekday stadium curfew.

They’ve joined Councilmembers Karen Hardy and Raj Chahal to vote for every 49ers request since they’ve been in office. They’re now known as the “49er Five.”

The votes for the team’s requests since the 49er Five took over in 2021 is in the multiple millions of dollars, and counting.

Chavez has a reputation for being transactional too. If she wins, it’ll be interesting to see what the team gets out of San Jose.

Some San Jose sources think that the 49ers will try and shift the cost of major events at the stadium to San Jose.  

That’s what happened with Super Bowl 50. San Francisco and San Jose ended up spending millions of dollars for public safety costs.

Santa Clara actually got paid millions of dollars. That’s because the voter-approved Measure J doesn’t allow our general fund money to be used on stadium operations.

Unfortunately for San Jose residents, they don’t have a Measure J.


  1. Santa Clara residents should be paying attention to the unfolding corruption scandal in Anaheim with respect to city negotiations with the California Angels baseball club for use of the city-owned Angels Stadium. While there are notable differences between the two cities, the ability of vested interests to wield power to the detriment of the community at larges is very relevant here.

    The FBI investigation involves the influence over the city council as wielded by Todd Ament, CEO of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, Jeff Flint, the Chief Executive and Senior Partner of FSB Public Affairs consulting, Disney Resorts (a client of Flint’s) and the California Angels baseball team. Central to the issues raised in this corruption probe is the status of the city-owned Angels Stadium and a new contract between the city and the professional baseball team owned by Arturo Moreno.

    FBI agent Brian C. Adkins’ affidavit, based in part on electronic recording of private conversations, illuminates gritty details of how real power is understood and exercised by wealthy, non-elected, private sector players and their handlers. Broadly speaking, those powers consist of the representatives of the largest businesses as organized by the Chamber of Commerce, their consultants and their lawyers. The ways these players speak to each other about the Anaheim City Council leaves no doubt as to who runs the place, who writes the text of items on the council’s consent calendar, and who provides the talking points for Mayor Harry Sidhu. It also leaves no doubt that public finances–tax dollars–are easily diverted and directed to underwrite and subsidize large private for-profit businesses like Disney Resorts and the California Angels (see pages 8-31 of the second document at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VVX76M3mi13qmiWdKVtyNx0LdLVIMk9x).

    If you close your eyes, you can imagine similar conversations taking place between 49ers owner Jed York, 49ers president Al Guido and the majority of members of the Santa Clara City Council (https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-05-19/fbi-probe-mayor-unelected-people-run-anaheim-angel-stadium).

  2. Jain now claims with Becker that the Mayor writes rhis blog and all the cpras are meant to harass him. Abel Cardona has filed three.

    • New rumor. There is a upcoming written petition to City Council asking for ban on private meetings with 49ers

      Written petitions are a joke now, a total waste of time.. The 49er 5 will just vote for or against it depending on what Jed wants. Someone stop the madness. RECALL!!!! Vote out Hardy and Chahal in November

  3. Jain is now demanding that only journaltsts be allowed public record act requests and members of the public be excluded.

  4. Anthony Becker being synonymous with Homer Simpson would be an hysterical and apocalyptic County Supervisor all at the same time.

    It will never happen!

    • Check this out, Becker had a meeting with 49ers two weeks before the sign issue, the purpose? Sign repair. At the meeting, jain and park

    • Homer Simpson would be an upgrade for Becker. He reminds me of Uncle Fester looking like death. Up on the dais stoned reading his script. What a joke. He is such a fake. I have serious concerns for the Santa Clarans that would actually vote for him, they must be drinking the koolaid. ABB!!!!

  5. That is funny! Kevin must have a short memory if he said that or agreed with it. He knows when he was running for city council the first time I was the very first person to contribute to his campaign. And that has nothing to do with skin color or country of origin. And if you wonder why I no longer support him I can guarantee my values and opinions have not changed, his have.
    And just for the record, if this was about me the last name is spelled Myers. Now, it could have been about some other suave handsome person with a similar name. 🙂

  6. Who would they be referring to? Becker is white trash and I didn’t think Park was considered brown. Maybe identify as brown?

    Either way thinking somebody doesn’t like these two creeps because of race is hilarious. I would guess it’s because they’re destroying the city.

  7. I received a supposed survey by phone. It mostly trashed the mayor and wanted to find out if I could support Suds and Becker for mayor, nauseating.

    Many lies about the mayor.

    Jed is promoting a couple of idiots.

    • Why oh why is it not justified filing 66 cpras on Jain. He meets with the 49ers three times a week.

      Jain thinks it is harrassment, the public has right to know every thing he says.

    • It was dismissed today. But dont you think it is a fascinating coincidence that jain, becker, park met with the committee officers the same day they gave the money to chavez? Also why did Jay Reed pledge to give Park money after Park closed down his campaign? Also why is Becker’s boyfriend filiing cpra requests on Haugh and Kirk Vartan?

  8. Ooouuuhhh, I think I might know why the 49ers care about San Jose. 1) The Cities of Santa Clara and San Jose have recently agreed to raise potential housing density in the previously capped Northern San Jose area of the 237 / 101 / 880 triangle — my understanding is that the cap had to due with traffic infrastructure, especially since there are notorious slowdowns during rush hours (and of course former industrial muck will need to be cleared, and then there’s sea level rise, earthquake proofing, etc.). The County of Santa Clara, along with the cities of Milpitas and Santa Clara, had successfully insisted that San Jose fix or at least mitigate the potential traffic increase in tandem with the increase in housing, and this led to the housing cap – now to be lifted. There are 2 things that may fall out from increased housing in this area: a) There will be more people near the stadium who may not appreciate noisy events on weeknights; b) Stadium managers may want their own infrastructure improvements in that area. Speaking of infrastructure near the stadium, San Jose has an airport and, of course, there is a BART extension underway. To truly control the area around the stadium, both San Jose and Santa Clara are needed.

  9. COM-05062022-01312
    Fppc complaint

    Cindy Chavez for Mayor
    Citizens for Chavez

    Witnesses named

    Suds Jain 500 for Chavez
    Anthony Becker 100 for Chavez
    Kevin Park 100 Chavez

    Collected after meeting with Citizens for Chavez officers. Josh Stevens, Emily Matthews

    See jain, becker, park calendars

    Other witnesses named

    Jed York
    Ed McGovern

    Allegation. Committee Coordination

    • Park, and his campaign manager, Jay Reed, attempted to bully the Niners in paying him money, after the campaign. Becker is boasting the Niners will back him for County Supervisor in 2024

    • Forgot Rajwant Chahal gave $150
      Must be trying to disguise himself

    • Patty must have pinned $100 bill on Becker shirt.

  10. I wonder if the 49ers will be spending money to spread lies in the San Jose election like they did in Santa Clara.

    • Kevin Park and Anthony Becker in a series of texts accused Mr. Meyers of hating smart brown people. I heard you are a nice guy and promote minority groups. Will they be censured??

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