City Council Preview: Former City Attorney Brian Doyle Brings Complaint Against Karen Hardy and Raj Chahal for FPPC Law Violations

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow is yet another special Santa Clara City Council meeting. 

Former City attorney Brian Doyle has another petition to the Council — this time to place an item on a future agenda regarding “Consider an Explanation by Councilmember [Karen] Hardy and [Raj] Chahal as to Non-Compliance with FPPC Law and Regulations, City of Santa Clara Lobbyist Ordinance and Council Policy 050.

Other items:

  • Closed session Conference with Legal Counsel-Anticipated Litigation — Exposure to litigation Number of potential cases: 1 (Facts and Circumstances) City as potential defendant: Letter from County of Santa Clara dated May 13, 2022
  • Declare a Vacancy on the Senior Advisory Commission for a Partial Term Ending June 30, 2025, Interview and Action on Appointment to fill a partial term to the Senior Advisory Commission
  • Bay 2 Brooklyn Ride Recognition
  • Proclaim June 19, 2022 as Juneteenth
  • Report from the Stadium Authority for Action Regarding Stadium Manager’s Request for Approval to Execute an Agreement with Silicon Valley Business Journal for a Non-NFL Events Marketing Email Campaign
  • Public Hearing: Action on Resolutions Approving Water, Sewer and Recycled Water Rates to be Effective July 1, 2022
  • Public Hearing: Action on the Adoption of the Proposed FY 2022/23 & FY 2023/24 Biennial Capital Improvement Program Budget and FY 2022/23 Operating Budget Changes and Approval of FY 2022/23 Municipal Fee Changes to Library Community Room Rental Fees
  • Request from the Stadium Manager and StadCo to Add Stadium Builder’s Licenses to Field Seats in the North and South End Zones of Levi’s Stadium
  • Action on a Written Petition Submitted by Anurag Aggrawal and Ajay Thadhlani and Other Residents of North Santa Clara Around Levi’s Stadium Requesting to Place an Agenda Item on a Future Council Meeting to Request a Debrief of the Coldplay Concert Held on Sunday, May 19, 2022


  1. How about two and a half million dollars to repaint the floors of the stadium?
    Sounds ridiculous to me.

    • Isn’t it convenient that the 49ers – who claimed to be such experts in stadium management – didn’t do more to consider future expenses like this when the formulas to set stadium rent based on anticipated future income and expenses got created? Magically we now seem to have an endless series of new large expenses when there is little room for the stadium authority to create new sources of revenue for the SA.

      Too many of the existing formulas also never considered the possibility of significant inflation, but instead just assumed figures like three percent forever. Take a look at Tuesday’s agenda packet item for ADA crosswalks and you can see how much real world construction costs are already jumping.

    • Well, Grump! When the 49ers couldn’t get past a strong mayor and city manager and i am not referring to Fat Jamie or Gorgeous Julio they opted to fire or make their lives miserable and buy a council that will cater to their every whim. I think we can easily predict tomorrow night’s actions.


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