Santa Clara City Council Considers Huge Raise in Business Taxes

By Robert Haugh

The City Council is considering a huge increase to the business license tax plus a new business head tax.

Last night, they debated putting a measure on the November ballot for voters to decide.

“Santa Clara is the most business-friendly city in the entire valley, said Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce (SVCCC) President and CEO Christian Malesic.

“But what this vote subjects you to do is turn it into the least business-friendly city in the entire valley.”

Malesic said that small businesses (50 employees) would see the tax increase by 905 percent. The largest business would see their business license tax increase 70,000 percent.

Malesic and Councilmembers agreed that the business license tax is too low and it has not been increased since 1992.  

The debate is about how much to increase it.

Councilmember Raj Chahal has pushed for higher business taxes for years. Earlier this year, he listed about a dozen companies that he wanted to tax an extra million dollars each annually.

Chahal disputed Malesic and said that he’s talked to major companies and they’re fine with the large increase in taxes.

But Councilmember Kevin Park didn’t see it that way. “The business tax is supposed to be supportive of the city and not punitive for businesses.”

Park wants to look at different methods that treat businesses fairly.

Councilmember Suds Jain was not happy with Park’s approach. “We are at code freeze. There’s no more features Kevin. Understand that,” Jain lectured Park.

“I don’t want to become the unfriendly city.” said Mayor Lisa Gillmor. I’d rather work with our local businesses rather than burden them or fight them. Their success helps us. But their failure will hurt the entire city.”

The Council created a task force to work with Malesic to return next week with alternative solutions.

This is a developing story.

Editor’s Note: News on other Council agenda items coming later this week.


  1. City Attorney just denied request to see emails between Rahul and becker about the sign claiming rahul is becker lawyer. No lie

  2. One can only be intrigued by VM Jain’s engineer speak and attacked CM Park’s comments about the BLT:

    VM Jain: Yes, I am going to have to put this in terms that CM Park can understand. CM Park, we are at “CODE FREEZE.” If you look at the ship date, that’s when the ballot measure is due. When the voters will vote. If you back out from that ship date, we have no time. We have no time for “FEATURE CREEP.” We don’t have time to do a hybrid tax. There is no time to do the outreach for that. We are at “CODE FREEZE.” There is no more features, Kevin. Understand that.

    Mayor: Please don’t respond to other councilmembers like that.

    VM Jain: OK.

    So what the hell was VM Jain talking about?

    Code Freeze: A code freeze is a development term that means that no code can be edited or modified during the freeze period. It’s designed to prevent the addition of more bugs before code goes live.

    Feature Creep: Feature creep (sometimes known as requirements creep or scope creep) is a tendency for product or project requirements to increase during development beyond those originally foreseen.

    Incredible that VM Jain felt it necessary to talk down to CM Park like that and tell him his opinion was wrong. Isn’t CM Park entitled to first amendment rights? Free speech? Opinions?

    It’s also obvious where VM Jain stands on the BLT. Not surprised.

    Hey, VM Jain, take your Code Freeze and tell it to the 49ers!

    Thank you City of Santa Clara for allowing me to go back to the tape! Another incredible saga of as the Santa Clara City Council Turns!

  3. A 2021 Stanford University Hoover Institute Study shows companies are rapidly leaving Ca. And these 5 Morons wants to increase businesses fees. Can you say STUPID. How about charging a 100% fee on multi million $ sport contracts. We can bring in million just off one team that has their headquarters in Santa Clara. There’s a head tax that makes sense. Put that on the ballot.

    • Becker Update. Cpra 22 420. DENIED BECAUSE BECKER CLAIMS PRIVACY. All emails and texts regarding Lisa Gillmor or Robert Haugh between Becker and Abel. That is right. They can libel Haugh and claim privacy. A written petition being drafted to fire LOZANO SMITH. Any supporters??

      Also denied any emails of Suds Jain about soccer parents

    • Cpra 22 468. Denied. Comments kevin park has made about robert haugh

  4. Marie Antoinette is alive and well in Santa Clara embodying a Councilmember named Anthony. Coincidence? Marie even caused a financial crisis with lavish spending. Anthony is promising all kinds of things to residents! Where’s the money, Anthony?

    And when Marie was told the peasants had no bread, she replied, let them eat cake.

    Did anyone notice Anthony brought cake to council last night? The city is in a deficit, Becker is firing staff and kicking people off planning commission that he originally appointed.

    And what is his reply?

    Let them eat cake!

    Anthony Becker the new Marie Antoinette of Santa Clara.

    • Crystal Pizano has ruled Abel Cardona’s imvestigations of Lisa, Kathy, Robert Haugh are private as he discisses them with Becker. Haugh is legally entitled to know what Becker is investigating

  5. Crystal Pizano who denied all record requests dealing with Suds Jain and the 49ers works in Fresno. Her friend, BRIAN EXLINE!! Can someone help getting rid of this firm fired by Palo Alto Unified

  6. The 5 show they have no manners on the dias. They are starting to eat their own in prime time.

  7. News flash. Lozano Smith, Santa Clars new city attorney firm denied 12 public record requests filed about Becker and Jain. The firm caused Sacramento School District to pay 500 grand in legal fees due to conflicts of interest not shared involving their attorneys. Santa Clara City Attorney Steve Ngo was fined by Fppc as a San Francisco college trustee with links to Doug Chan of blupac. Lozano Smith made national news by denying Rialto parents records of teachers who practice Holocaust denial. Someone tell Doyle

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