City Council Preview: Odd Request by Councilman Anthony Becker, Business License Head Tax, $2 million Levi’s Stadium “Repairs” and More

By Robert Haugh

Tonight’s City Council meeting has a really interesting item submitted by Councilman Anthony Becker. His June 30 petition is asking to remove Planning Commissioner Ron Patrick. Wow.

We cannot recall a time when a Councilmember had asked to remove a commissioner. The reason cited is “providing inaccurate or incomplete information” on his application. 

Meanwhile, at least two petitions by members of the community are being ignored.

Craig Larsen submitted one at the June 21 Council meeting and wrote about how he wants Counclmember Kevin Park to honestly disclose his income.

Kirk Vartan submitted one regarding the recent Great America land sale news.

Another major item on the agenda is an item deferred from June 21 — a request by the 49ers to spend $2.5 million to recoat stadium interior beams. It’s also to remove and replace floor decals and signage. Looks like the 49ers are counting on the 49er Five to give them a lot of additional money.

The Council will also consider submitting to the voters a Business License Tax (BLT) Modernization Measure and Utility Transfer Charter Amendment. 

This is the business head tax that’s long been proposed by Councilmember Raj Chahal.

Both the Bay Area Council and the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce have written to Council with strong opposition to the measure. Looks like they’ll oppose it this November.

Other items on the agenda:

  • Verbal Report from Director of Water and Sewer Regarding the Local Drought Emergency
  • Verbal Report from the Chief Emergency Services Officer regarding COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Public Hearing: Action on Introduction of Ordinances to Establish Objective Zoning, Subdivision, and Design Standards for SB 9 Residential Projects
  • Authorize the City Manager to Negotiate and Execute Amendment No. 3 to the Agreement for Design Services with Bellecci & Associates, Inc. and Associated Budget Amendment for the Loyalton Property — this is to fund repairs of fences on the property — that was already voted on to sell by Council.
  • Public Hearing: Action on a Resolution Confirming the 2022 Weed Abatement Program and Assessment
  • Consideration of Silicon Valley Power Quarterly Update
  • Action to Delegate Authority to Executive Director to Procure, Negotiate, and Execute an Agreement for Levi’s Stadium Naming Rights Signage Assessment Services. Yes, this is fund research on if the repairs of Levi’s signage at the stadium were necessary or replacing would be a more feasible option than spending millions in repairs.


  1. 49er outrageous request
    49ers wanting $2.5 million for beam coating, floor decal removal and sign repair or replacement. What happen to the annual maintenance account for upkeep maintenance. And what’s up with the floor
    decals, wasn’t that part of the $700k unauthorized floor coating debacle! The Levi sign, its Levi responsibility for repair or replacement. The stadium was approved by the voters (measure J) with a contract that spells out who and what is paid for and by whom. The council has no right to change the voters will. Council only job is to carry out what the voters approved. The 49ers is trying to bleed the stadium coffers like a cancer. We need to stop the cancer by cutting out the 5 tumors (49er 5). Now you now why the removal of city attorney Doyle, Doyle worked for the people best interest and not for the 49ers and theirs 5 goons. God help Santa Clara from these criminals.

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