EXCLUSIVE: Santa Clara Recall Focused on Councilmembers Becker, Jain and Park to Start in July

By Robert Haugh

According to multiple sources, a committee is forming to start a recall campaign against Santa Clara Councilmembers Anthony Becker, Suds Jain and Kevin Park this month.

In March, Santa Clara News Online (SCNO) published a Q and A with one of the recall organizers, Burt Field.

Field was one of the founders of the grassroots group Stand Up for Santa Clara that rallied support to fight 49ers’ CEO Jed York’s takeover attempt of the Youth Soccer Park.

Field recently confirmed that he has received enough contribution pledges to start a committee and file paperwork.

“We’re likely to get off the ground in July, or early August,” said Field. “Every bad Council decision helps our numbers.”

Sources say the organizers are debating what issues to emphasize.

Some say that the unprecedented firing of former City Manager Deanna Santana and former City Attorney Brian Doyle should be the focus.

Replacing both Santana and Doyle has been way more costly than anyone thought it would be.

Others believe the financial giveaways to the 49ers should be the focus of the campaign.  

Since the 49er Five took over the Council in December 2020, the 49ers have been granted huge contracts and giveaways by the Council totaling millions of dollars.

The 49er Five are Becker, Jain, Park plus Councilmembers Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy.

Chahal and Hardy are up for re-election in November and are likely to draw strong opponents.

SCNO obtained a copy of a fundraising email Field sent to supporters in mid-June. Field writes:

I’m aware of some upcoming news that may help us make a case that we need new leadership on the City Council. So I’m encouraged that we can be successful.

Field would not disclose what he meant by “upcoming news.”  

Field said anyone interested in the recall campaign, contact him at Burt.Field@gmail.com.

This is a developing story.

Santa Clara Councilmembers Anthony Becker, Suds Jain and Kevin Park.


  1. A poignant word for Robert’s column that describes the 49er 5 perfectly:


    government by the least suitable or competent citizens of a state.


    “the danger is that this will reduce us to kakistocracy”
    a state or society governed by its least suitable or competent citizens.

    plural noun: kakistocracies
    “the modern regime is at once a plutocracy and a kakistocracy.

  2. Wonder if the 49er friendly newspapers and blogs will pick up this developing story?

    Doubt it! Another bunch of wimps told what to print. Talk about fake news.

    • Sc Weekly told us all requests for information about Becker Jain Park “none of our business”

      Public information???

  3. Over a dozen people this morning have asked me by email, text or comment about how to help or contribute. Sorry I don’t have time to respond. As the story says, contact Burt.Field@gmail.com

    • Get a ton of written petitions submitted. Get them all voted down 5 to 2. Mine to fire Lozano Smith is being put ready for next month

  4. I hope the residents of this city pay attention and vote! The time for change is now!!!! Enough!!!!

    • several weeks ago Becker texted Jain, TELL THE RECALL BULLIES TO BRING IT ON!! Now if you recall Becker number one campaign expense besides “salary” for Abel Cardona who filed 5 cpras on Burt Field and Lisa Gillmor, was money for Taco Bell and chips. So with a recall, Becker can raise money for chilli cheese fritos anf cupcakes.

    I’m sure uncle Jed will spend millions on some bogus PAC to save his puppets and his control of the council. Voters should follow the money! This will be great way for the community to get involved in a positive roll in “Saving Santa Clara” Best news I have herd in a long time, a big thank you to Burt.

  6. This is the team that’s trying to raise TAXES on every business in Santa Clara so they can pay the 49ers more money!!!

    I will be contacting Burt and getting the neighboring businesses to help. THANK YOU

    • 75,000 cost so far

      To avoid public records act requests about becker jain park, the lozano firm has racked up75 k in fees

  7. @Edward Strine Counting is not the subject of this column but, since you brought it up – probably hoping to derail the actual topic which is Councilmembers Park’s, Becker’s, & Jain’s lack of integrity, here is a conservative, highly respected, British news organization fact checking your suggestion: “VERDICT The documentary ‘2000 Mules’ does not provide any concrete, verifiable evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. Technology and election integrity experts consulted by Reuters also did not find the geolocation, surveillance or any other information presented showed plausible evidence of fraud.” https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-usa-mules-idUSL2N2XJ0OQ

  8. I’m all excited like a kid on christmas morning. There is so much dirt on these 3 💩 !!! I’m all in with time & money. Let’s do this!!!! LOL Summer Project🤣😂

  9. How do we know our votes will actually count this time? Go see the 2000 Mules Documentary for more information.

  10. “Replacing both Santana and Doyle has been way more costly than anyone thought it would be.

    Since the 49er Five took over the Council in December 2020, the 49ers have been granted huge contracts and giveaways by the Council totaling millions of dollars.”

    Robert, people with common sense knew firing Deanna and Brian would be costly in many ways. Jed and his 5 have done a great disservice to our beloved city. Is there a permanent city attorney yet? City manager? What’s the status? Is no one applying?

    This recall will help reright the ship again. Maybe the city could rehire Deanna and Brian?

  11. Easy to see who is getting Leg Drop and Jambroni Awards this week!

    Thank you, Robert for making my day!

    Burt!! Man, count me in. Will be in touch and get neighbors too!

    Bring it on, Baby!

    Bye, bye, Becker!

  12. There are other reasons for recalling Park (District 4), Becker (District 6) and Jain (District 5), besides their repeated bowing to the 49ers. Park thinks his constituents are “toddlers” who need to be “taught,” Becker recommends a Commissioner and then, after appointing the Commissioner, says “Oopsie, un-appoint him,” and Jain, during his campaign for DIstrict 6, lied about his wife’s job, saying she would resign her post at Santa Clara University so that he would no longer have a conflict of interest in promoting Santa Clara’s Downtown renewal effort. Yes, let’s replace these guys with people with integrity.

    • Hinton Analysis

      10 out of 10. Park has three outstanding fppc complaints. Jain has stock in one public energy company that competes with svp. Becker texted sexist comments about Watanabe

    • Robert or Burt, how can I make a donation to the recall campaign?

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