49er Five Give New $900,000 Contract to Law Firm Replacing Former Santa Clara City Attorney Brian Doyle

By Robert Haugh

The Lozano Smith law firm has billed the City of Santa Clara $300,000 since mid-April.

That’s when they were hired after the 49er Five fired former City Attorney Brian Doyle for no cause.

On Tuesday, the Council voted 5-2 to increase Lozano Smith’s contract from $300,000 to $900,000. 

The 49er Five voted yes. Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Councilmember Kathy Watanabe voted no.

Doyle was paid $345,596 in salary and $405,539 in total compensation according to Transparent California.

As City Attorney, Doyle cost the City less than $34,000 per month in salary and benefits. 

For their first three months, the Lozano Smith law firm averaged approximately $100,000 per month. That’s three times Doyle’s total compensation, including Doyle’s benefits. 

Now, Lozano Smith gets an extra $600,000.

And they would not tell the Council how long that would last. It could be spent in one month or six. Wow.

Lozano Smith’s lead attorney James Sanchez won’t even be at Council meetings to provide legal guidance as promised in the original contract.

Sanchez said he would work on “special projects.”

Sanchez called into the meeting Tuesday from a home office or a spare bedroom.

One local attorney texted Santa Clara News Online Tuesday night: “you’re watching a legal fleecing.”

James Sanchez
Interim City Attorney James Sanchez from Lozano Smith LLP

Editor’s Note: The 49er Five are Councilmembers Anthony Becker, Raj Chahal, Suds Jain, Karen Hardy and Kevin Park.

Jed York spent $3 million in November 2020 to elect Becker, Jain and Park. They were previously 0-6 in Santa Clara elections. Chahal and Hardy have received gifts from the team recently without reporting them.

The 49er Five meet with the team on an almost weekly basis and have voted to help the team win millions of dollars in concessions from the City since December 2020.


  1. Charlie

    You must be fond of Lisa Gillmor. Imagin a grown man like Stalker Suds going around at events with a camera taking photos of the Mayor for his own purposes? Weird!!!! Careful Lisa no shopping for Quaker Oats, Stalker Suds will have that on Favebook

    • So after Doyle was fired, Stalker Suds in violation of the charter, has a meeting with acting city attorney


      sorry Stalker Suds you emailed that

      Stalker Suds then obtained 100 documents about Mayor Lisa.

      He texted Becker. Shared them

      Twilight Zone

      Who was Stalker Suds first partner


  2. Nothing for public works. 900 k to prevent the public from seeing the instructions becker got about the sign.

    • 2014. Lozano Smith after charging 160 K to Rialto schools was dropped after they prevented parents from finding which teachers were teaching Holocaust Denial. Suds backs them 100 percenr

      Holocaust Denial??? Take some photos of Lisa.

    • 22 842. A document that proves the cpras generated by one individual amounts to 50k and reports on the pages. Redact and exempt the document, proves Jain Becker Ngo are


    • John Galt gets the award for responses today!
      Keep those responses about Suds and his band
      of cronies coming. They take word of 49ers as
      gospel and ignore city staff.
      Whose side are they on? Pretty obvious!

  3. Sad how they can easily hand over 900 thousand to an outside company but the public works dept. can’t even get a raise.

    • Time for change of guards. November speak your voices. Santa Clara has been a healthy city with hardworking staff. This is being lost to a bunch of clowns bought by an even bigger clown.

    • 2010 suds jain asked for monitors to be assigned to home to discourage electric use. Citizens would be expected according to Suds to curtail use by 15 percent. Also they would provide Suds with justications for recreational use during the evening by kids.

  4. Suds stated “Rarely do people read the comments” of the Santa Clara News Online. Suds, if you really believed this, you wouldn’t repeatedly leave comments to defend yourself and your dysfunctional city council. Suds, where is your proof that not many people read this blog or is this just “More jive, from the 49er Five”?

    • Rules of Stalker Suds

      1) Fate has chosen him to save the world!

      2) His plan for Santa Clara is beyond reproach

      3) lisa gang is evil

      4) maybe we should just find him a bridge tournament

  5. In September 2020 according to cpra 22 496, Suds Jain boasted that he was going go to events taking every picture he can of Lisa Gillmor and spreading them around town. That sort of strikes me as WEIRD.

  6. Hay Burt, I have some really big mouse traps , if you need them for those 5 PARASITES.

  7. Sud’s has lost all of his credibility especially with his new buddy Anthony Becker, the biggest loser in Santa Clara.

    Suds, do you show your face at the farmers market anymore, or you do you just hide. Thanks for trashing the city.

  8. Lozano Smith Special Projects= Suppressing the corrupt 49er Five text messages and emails from the public. Sudsy please stop ” GASLIGHTING” the residents of Santa Clara. What is your gang hiding?

  9. Haugh reminds me everyday about his biased “reporting” with his daily opinion posts. No wonder he got fired from the Santa Clara Weekly. Does he live in my head? With his biased daily missives he sets the narrative like Donald Trump. Now he has expanded to Newsbreak and 5 Star Attorney. Rarely do people read the comments so his opinions are generally all that people see. Someone has to stand up to him.

    • Do you see Lisa standing up to miles lies?
      She has a thick skin.
      Obviously thicker than yours.
      It’s called politics.
      You’re in over your head.

  10. Suds you’re such a frickin hypocrite. Thought you weren’t responding to Haugh for 3-1/2 years??!! Haugh lives in your heads! Just like Lisa! Ha! Ha!

    11/06/2020 8:37:21 AM
    Suds to Becker:
    I think we can ignore haugh completely for the next 3 and a half years

    11/06/2020 8:40:11 AM
    Anthony Becker to Suds
    Yep haha

    11/09/2020 8:15:18 AM
    Anthony Becker to Suds
    Guess Haugh needed a vacation day today after the ass whopping we gave last week. He probably is looking for a new writing job

    (Editor’s note to Becker: don’t get too comfortable. That ass whopping is coming back around just like karma! Recall baby!)

    11/09/2020 9:11:39 PM
    Suds to Anthony Becker

    11/10/2020 6:23:09 AM
    Anthony Becker to Suds
    Hosam nearly said the exact same words last night …and he says he has no ties to Haugh

    (Editor’s note: these guys despise Hossam. call him the 8th councilmember. Despicable)

    11/10/2020 7:13:21 AM
    Suds to Anthony Becker
    Remember to not take Haugh’s bait. Ignore him.

    (Editor’s note to Suds: take your own advice. You embarrass yourself!)

    11/24/2020 10:09:25 AM
    Anthony Becker to Suds
    Robert Haugh is toast

    (Editor’s note: Nah. He’s just getting warmed up thanks to all the material you’re giving him!)

    11/24/2020 10:10:40 AM
    Suds to Anthony Becker
    Yeah. I saw that. Issue is that he may get desperate and be willing to write anything for money

    (Editor’s note to Suds: Haugh doesn’t have to meet with the 49ers every week and sell out his city to pay back the $3M to Daddy Warbucks.)

    Thanks PRA 21-640 for this txt thread. And there’s more….lots more.

    • How much did this cost the city to disclose? 300 bucks staff time. Only costs 50000 grand to prevent disclosure. Jay Reed to Kevin Park. Exempted. LAWYER CLIENT PRVILIEDGE. Only person Suds is not fond of? Bilbo Baggins. Dam baggineses stole my precious

  11. Hopefully these 5 geniuses are recalled before they bankrupt the city. If they are not following the contract then get rid of them. Just like the 49ers can’t follow their contract. Seem to be a pattern here. Contracts are not suggestions, they are a law binding document.

  12. 22 496 suds calls out the Lisa Gang. Also boast about following lisa to every event with a camera. Ooh icky. 50 000? Prove it. Also this how to prevent cost. Release the records. Denied for release, suds emailing silicon valley power about sempra energy. Suds owns stock in sempra. 22 496. Habir wants kathy investigated or handing a little a mask. Girl was crying so kathy helped her

  13. This could just be more b******* from Suds. I remember about 5 years ago Suds told me he quit his job to support the green New deal because the world was going to end in 8 years. If you went through the models in detail you’ll see that you’re both full of it. 💩

    • Richard. That means we have 3 years left. Hmm i wish much success and God’s love for the 40 50 years you have left

  14. Once again we get super biased pro-Gillmor “reporting” from Robert Haugh. He conveniently left out any mention of the reasons for the increase in fees for Lozano Smith which were explained in detail by both the City Manager and by the attorneys from Lozano Smith. Lozano Smith’s fees were $36,960 in April and $60,000 in May. The estimated invoice for June is expected to be $130,000 of which approximately $50,000 are Public Records Act request work which was given to LS by city staff to offload overworked staff. Much of this $50,000 expense is for handling requests from one individual who “is fond of Lisa Gillmor”

    • So Suds, are you saying Lozano and Smith is a good financial deal for the residents of Santa Clara? Are we paying much less than we paid Brian Doyle?

    • There goes Suds again crying about PRA requests. Stop lying to your constituents and being overall shady. Your days on the council are numbered.

    • Suds!
      Thank you for outing Abel Cardona!
      Aka lalaverite!
      Seen all his pra requests
      Online. Quite extensive.
      And you know during
      Meeting on Tuesday he was
      Putting cute smiley faces
      on city FB
      Page when his boyfriend
      Councilmember Becker
      Was trying to kick a resident
      Off planner cmte. And when
      Issue to put park’s violations
      For 700 forms on a future
      Agenda was not approved.
      Talk about showing
      Your true colors. Just like
      You do too Suds: we know
      You bleed gold and red.

      Hope you all get recalled
      real soon.

    • Santa Clara Residents…the “Merry Go Round” just gets louder and faster with each passing day.
      Crazy the amount of money our City has pissed away….just over this past year.
      Even the most heinous parasite does not kill its host.
      That’s rule one if you are a parasite….
      Keep the host alive!!
      Someone may need to inform Jed Baby and his 49er 5 to at least slow down the destruction of our City.
      It’s not fun for us residents and it’s a horrible look for one company to have this much power.
      Yorkville, sucks…
      I love Santa Clara.
      I know others do as well.
      We will have our day. We lack the money and ability to control local media, but we have each other.
      Let me know if you are interested in learning more.
      Burt Field

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