Santa Clara’s Fish Market Closes and the Big Red Fish Sign is Coming Down

By Robert Haugh

The Fish Market Restaurant permanently closed its Santa Clara location on the El Camino Real.

“Ownership will begin the process to find a new tenant for the property and, sadly, the ‘big red fish’ sign will soon be coming down,” Dwight Colton wrote on the restaurant’s website. Colton is the company’s president.

In 1976, The original Fish Market first opened in Palo Alto. In 1979, the second Fish Market opened in Santa Clara. 

The El Camino location introduced Santa Clara’s first oyster bar. 

“Despite the progress made on the fight against the COVID-19 virus, there are still many lingering effects that have frustrated our efforts to reopen our Santa Clara location,” Colton wrote. 

He cited an uncertain economy and labor shortages as major factors in the decision to close.


  1. FYI: This restaurant is on the close facsimile side of The Crab Cooker in Balboa Peninsula, which has served Orange County since 1951. If I remember correctly The Crab Cooker began in a old converted bank and had a fishing boat dock steps away behind it. The Fish Market owner sat in The Crab Cooker studying it, taking down notes the owner said. As The Crab Cooker owner had no desire of opening another restaurant, his lawyer told him not to bother to sue. So give credit where credit is due, The Crab Cooker in Southern California is the original, The Fish Markets in Santa Clara County come in second and third to the Master.

    • Mary, go comment on the weakly rag. Your comments are always negative and full of lies. No doubt you’ll be campaigning for the loser Becker. Birds of a feather…. Go Away Mary no one likes you here!!

  2. This is such sad and disheartening news. This Fish Market has been a milestone for so many patrons with many great memories will remain. It is a terrible loss as so many were looking forward to the reopening.

    • Wow! Bummer. Sergio used to serve up some awesome food at the oyster bar!

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