Anthony Becker is Running for Mayor and Santa Clara Fast Food Places Are Happy

By Robert Haugh

It’s official.  

Councilman Anthony Becker is running for Santa Clara Mayor against Mayor Lisa Gillmor.

The filing deadline was yesterday. Santa Clara News Online will be following that race and two City Council races closely.

This won’t be the first time Becker and Gillmor have faced off. They ran against each other in 2018. Gillmor got re-elected with 75 percent of the vote.

To get ready for the race SCNO dusted off a file from 2018 and found something interesting.  Becker spent a lot of his money on food and gas. That’s not common for Santa Clara candidates.

Here’s a look at Becker’s campaign report through the end of October 2018.

He spent a total of $6,775. He spent $1,170 on fast food and gas. That’s 17 percent of his expenditures. Wow.

Some of Becker’s favorite gas stations:

  • Chevron
  • Shell
  • Valero

(Note to Becker: Arco on the El Camino usually has lower prices if you pay with a debit card).

It looks like Becker spent a lot of money on fast food for himself and not volunteers. The expenditures were usually less than $20. 

Some of Becker’s favorite fast food places:

  • Taco Bell (a lot of “running for the border”)
  • Jack in the Box
  • 7-11
  • KFC
  • Wienerschnitzel

Win or lose this year, it looks like Santa Clara gas stations and fast food places are looking forward to the Becker campaign.


  1. i will never vote for Anthony Becker, what a scam. Honestly, I feel like we really need to clean the swamp. The only person of real integrity is Lisa Gilmore.

  2. The last thing Santa Clara needs is an uneducated, no experience stoner, liar and self serving criminal for Mayor. says:

    Becker is broke and eating fast food?? He must be spending to much money at the cannabis club. I remember him holding up his receipt at a council meeting bragging about the dope he bought. The last thing Santa Clara needs is an uneducated, no experience stoner, liar and self serving criminal for Mayor.

  3. In the words of Bob Marley’s song Crazy Baldheads

    Chase those crazy baldheads (Becker and Jain).
    Out of our town.
    Here comes the conmen (Becker and Jain).
    Coming with their con plan.
    I would not be surprised if Becker is taking bribes so he can order a McDouble with fries.

    • Hossam Haggag

      First Muslim elected in SC County

      Jain and Becker launched a racist attack claiming he is not a resident.


      They used emails from a neighbor who was escorted out of city hall.

      Right is right. Wrong is wrong

  4. Suds Jain has a new low-life friend, Anthony Becker, partners in crime. Didn’t think Suds could stoop so low so fast. Time to flush both of these two.💩

    Their hatred towards Lisa will eventually bring them down.

  5. Becker is a failure in his personal and professional life and shouldn’t shape Santa Clara’s future at all. He is such a failure that very easily corrupted. Who knows what he would do for a Taco Bell gift card.

    It’s best year was when he was a bus driver, I hear there are openings.

    Please do your research.

    • Suds is always saying that no one reads Robert News online but at least 2 people do. If Anthony is have such problems paying his rent and buying healthier food then, maybe he shouldn’t be running for Mayor. That kind of stress can cause serious health problems. Thanks for the heads up about Anthony, Suds

  6. Wow, it must be a slow day on the internet’s “safe space for bigots”. How ironic that Robert Haugh who struggles financially after being fired from the Santa Clara weekly is going after Anthony Becker for having to live on cheap fast food which he well knows is unhealthy. Robert Haugh lives with his parents while Anthony struggles to pay rent on an apartment that he shares. Rumors are that Robert’s truck was repossessed recently. Talk about people in glass houses throwing rocks. Rather than go after Anthony’s food bills, perhaps Robert might want to spend his precious time (he’s never called me because he’s “too busy”) talking about Anthony’s policies. Of course, that’s too much to expect from Gillmor’s mouthpiece. Gillmor and O’Neill encouraged Robert to start this extremely biased blog.

    • Sud always says, ‘No one reads Robert’s Santa Clara News”. If Anthony struggles to pay rent and eat healthier then, maybe he shouldn’t run for mayor. That kind of stress can cause serious mental challenges. Thanks for the heads up about Anthony, Council member Jain

    • Don’t worry Suds, we are waiting for your next set of lies when you run for office again.

    • Again Robert Haugh does not coint me as a friend, but is it possible some people live with elderly parents to help take care of them

      Now we have texts between Becker and Jain inaulting Lisa Gillmor for doing well financially. So if you have money or are poor, Jain does not approve. Haugh’s living situation is irrelvevant. I am object to many of his views, but if he sleeps on bed or a couch, none of my concern. As for Lisa, I know since the 1980s, she worked pretty hard, helped her husband raise several beautiful kids who well accomplished. As for Mr. Taco Bell, i am sure many campaign treasurers find it weird.

      Raising money for McDoubles.

      I think Lisa and her dad made money but Smeagol Jain and Bilbo Decker never made a dime for school districts and the Gillmors made them millions.

    • How embarrassing that council members have to resort to cheap personal attacks.

    • Suds responds to what he calls “bigotry” with a personal attack on the messenger. He must have learned this from his mentors at Levi’s Stadium. The point is that Becker will be able to fund his personal expenses from direct campaign contributions because he knows that he will have millions in dark money from Jed York to wage his negative ad campaign against Mayor Gillmor.

    • Suds, shame on you for shaming the lifestyle of a private citizen (and resident of the city YOU poorly represent). What do your mocking and shaming comments say to residents in your district who may share the same living predicament to Becker? For someone who always points out how “no one reads this blog,” I sure see your name quite often in these comments.

    • It’s great when suds replies on Robert’s page. It gives us all time to unload our feelings like we are in a psychiatrist’s office. And it’s all free! Couldn’t get that deal with Jed York!

      Thanks, Suds!

  7. Give Becker credit for his contribution to economic recovery. Better than spending it on recreational pot.
    Now that really stinks up the environment!

  8. Becker is ruining the city and environment with methane.That’s a lot of money producing intestinal and vehicular gas fumes.

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