Santa Clara City Council’s Pro-49er Coalition Removes Santa Clara Planning Commissioner Who Complained About Stadium Impacts

By Robert Haugh

On Tuesday, Santa Clara Planning Commissioner Dr. Ron Patrick was removed from his position.

He was unanimously appointed by the Council in June. He was sworn in earlier this month.

Councilman Anthony Becker made the motion to appoint him in June. Then Becker mysteriously and suddenly changed his mind.

“He says he got home the night of the vote and remembered that Dr. Patrick lived in Mountain View,” wrote Parks and Recreation Commissioner Burt Field. “That’s not believable.”

“What is believable is that Dr. Patrick is being targeted for removal by the 49ers because he has complained about the stadium operations and the trouble they’ve caused for the residences and the surrounding businesses like his.”

Becker interrogated Dr. Patrick Tuesday night “like a wannabe prosecutor who never graduated from law school,” a viewer texted Santa Clara News Online.

It’s worth watching the exchange to see Becker’s temperament. At one point, Mayor Lisa Gillmor admonished Becker for his tone. It lasts about 10 minutes.

The debate is followed by an interesting, personal statement by Dr. Patrick. It lasts about five minutes.

Becker made the argument that Patrick “lied” on his commission application by saying he was a Santa Clara voter when he was actually registered in Mountain View.

But Assistant City Clerk Nora Pimental said that after she alerted Dr. Patrick to his registration status, he legally re-registered to Santa Clara.

Pimental said that the Clerk’s office has notified other commissioners in the past of similar situations and they have re-registered.

According to Acting City Attorney Steve Ngo, Dr. Patrick is legally qualified to serve on the Planning Commission because he was legally registered to vote in Santa Clara at the time of his appointment.

But that didn’t matter to Becker. He moved to get rid of him. Becker was joined by Councilmembers Raj Chahal, Suds Jain and Karen Hardy. They prevailed 4-2.

Councilmember Kathy Watanabe and Gillmor voted against Patrick’s removal.

Watanabe touted Patrick’s abilities and his commitment to Northside businesses and residents.

“This is a travesty and what you’re doing is disgusting,” said Watanabe. ”There’s definitely something else going on here.”

Dr. Ron Patrick
Dr. Ron Patrick


  1. Becker had 3 laptops in front of him while he was interrogating Ron Patrick like he was Perry Mason. Becker is so uneducated you know he had Rahul on one screen and his mommy Mahan on another screen telling him what to say. The 3rd screen was probably his order from the cannabis club or texting with his boyfriend Abel Cardona about him impersonating John Galt and sending in public comments. Becker is a 💩

  2. Dear Anthony Becker,
    The municipalities of Santa Clara County respectfully request that you remain a “lifelong” Santa Clara resident. We are concerned that your residency will have a drastic impact on Adult Literacy Indexes.

  3. how embarrassing for Anthony Becker and for the City of Santa Clara. I withdraw any support that we have ever given to Anthony. He does not come off looking good at all. While he appears to think he is upholding what is right, he is demonstrating the worst political partisanship. And makes everyone question what he is really after. For shame.

    • Actually Mr. Haugh comes off looking really good from this affair. Spotlight and the Weekly look silly. And everyone knows Mr. Haugh and I are bitter enemies, but he really did do the right thing here. So he gets my leg drop award. Patrick did not know the process, he is in a situation that some people are in. By law, a homeless person can serve on the Civil Service Commission. Patrick thought he qualified. Becker ignored his tragedies and decided to “nail him” so patrick, gillmor, watanabe, rand paul, ihlan omar, chris cumo, the aliens from mars, immanuel velikovsky are all in a plot against the 49ers and the planning commission will be used by ron patrick to get tasman to house the keystone pipeline. More from miles.

    • John Galt writes:

      “so patrick, gillmor, watanabe, rand paul, ihlan omar, chris cumo, the aliens from mars, immanuel velikovsky are all in a plot against the 49ers and the planning commission will be used by ron patrick to get tasman to house the keystone pipeline. More from miles.”

      Lmao. Miles is the King of Fake News! Yep. Put in a pipeline and tons of cell towers. That’s the ticket!!

  4. Anthony Becker



    Property owned, programs created?????

    Commissions created????


  5. Hey Becker so inquiring minds want to know!
    A bunch of us heard you moved into d6 in
    March 2020. Did you register that d6 address
    before you filed to run for d6 in Santa Clara for
    November 2020 election?

    And a bunch of us heard you had some
    “special” help moving into your place. Mother
    Mahan sure knows how to take care of her puppets.
    Did you report all that on your Form 700?

    Good reasons to do file more PRA requests!

  6. Becker’s line of questioning was too ridiculous even for Patty. It’s easy to be an ahole when you have three others just the same.

    Time to take out the Trash!

    • Actually, he has four others who are just the same.
      Usually one is enough but in this case they are like the
      joke, “how many people does it take to change a lightbulb?”
      In this case, how many aholes does it take to trash the City?
      One and four to help pile up the trash.

  7. Becker with his arrogance will eventually expose his relationships with the 49ers. One errant email, one insider whistleblower, one text that he forgot to delete. Then we will all see thought his childish lies.

    When people play these dangerous games, they can rarely stop playing and eventually wreck their own careers.

  8. Ron Patrick, if you are reading this, I hope you sue the jerks that did this to you! They insulted your intelligence and accused you of being a liar. You are a successful businessman. You don’t get that way being stupid.

    Please sue them – especially Becker – for defamation of character!

    • I talked Dr. Patrick several times. He is a very independent thinker. He likes Lisa but there are very key areas they disagree. He voted pretty much on his own at the Planning Commission. He is a self made person with a business that makes money.

      This is a person who teachers tell kids to emulate. Becker is a bum.

  9. If this is what millennial leadership looks like, throw them out! Becker couldn’t win until he had. $1m campaign supporting this low hanging fruit! Clean Jed’s house this November!

  10. As a former city commissioner I have been following this story with great interest. To see Becker acting like perry mason and accusing Ron Patrick of lying to the public? Becker soon forgets how Kevin park was called out for lying on his Form 700 s and being the subject of an Fppc violation for that! It took Brian doyle and Craig larsen filing complaints against Kevin park to finally get him to change them AFTER TWO YEARS! Ron Patrick corrected his voter registration as soon as he was made aware and he was still treated like some nefarious criminal. Yet they let Park off to explain why he mislead the public. The actions by Becker and his cronies show a total lack of compassion and fairness.They are thugs.

    I felt very badly for how that gentleman was treated. On behalf of every former commissioner who has served the City, I apologize to Ron Patrick. You did nothing wrong. You were validated and confirmed to be serve by the city clerk and city attorney and received a unanimous vote.

    I am a district 3 voter and will remember this at the ballot box in November.

  11. This is a good lesson in history for those interested. It is called a political purge.
    “In a political purge, states or elites in power use military and police forces to remove people they consider disloyal, dangerous, or otherwise undesirable from influential positions in government or the economy, or from society as a whole”

    • That was the most inappropriate questioning by Mr. Becker I have ever seen. He did not point out why exactly he does not want Patrick on the planning commission. There is definitely something going on. My other comment would be since this is such an important position an issue for the city again where is Mr. Park missing in action Again I see as always. These five hide in the 49ers pocket and we know it. When is somebody going to delve into this and find out exactly who what and why we are so influenced By the 49ers decisions. As aSanta Clara residence I to will be voting in a very different way this election. That poor man was treated like a dog in front of the whole city this is not with Santa Clara stands for we were supposed to be a good community with good morals and compassion. Not kicking a man in the teeth for some technicality after we swear him in. Disgusting just plain disgusting. Thank you Mayor for at least trying to stop Mr. Becker from his insane questioning. Maybe he should go to school and be a lawyer. He sure likes to play one.

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