Best and Worst of the Week in Santa Clara: Dr. Ron Patrick, Raj Chahal, and Karen Hardy

By Robert Haugh

It’s been a busy week in Santa Clara. And with this City Council, that’s not a good thing.

The Good — The Leg Drop Award:

Dr. Ron Patrick deserves an award for putting up with the abuse of Councilmember Anthony Becker. He was removed from the Planning Commission even though he was legally eligible to serve.

The Bad — The Jabroni Award:

Councilmembers Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy were asked by the public to recuse themselves from voting on the 49er settlement offer. They are being investigated by the FPPC for taking free gifts from the team. The evidence against them is strong. But they ignored the requests for honesty and transparency.

Jabroni award


  1. To my fellow Santa Clarans, we need to get Becker’s corrupt, Humpty Dumpty looking self out of his council seat. RECALL!!

  2. I hope Dr Patrick sues Becker and San Jose Spotlight for libel and slander after being publicly shamed by them by proclaiming Dr Patrick a “liar”, a label that was memorialized on the internet forever. How immoral and cruel on Becker’s part, and the financial backer of Becker’s, Jed York.

    It is irony at it’s best when the white male, councilmember, who screams for diversity from every rooftop, is taking the lead on trying to get rid of the Jewish and Muslim Santa Clara citizens, Dr Patrick and Mr. Haggag, who both were voted on to rightfully serve our City, both of whom are assets to the community and city government.

    To the 49er 5, who undoubtedly read this blog (that you all dismissively label as irrelevant) ~ Maybe you cannot see the forest for the trees, but from the community viewpoint, four of you have just stood by and are therefore complicit of Becker’s outrageous behavior towards our mayor, councilmember Watanabe, and the embarrassing public excoriation of Dr Ronald Patrick, treating him like a criminal. I felt, and feel horrible, for Dr Patrick, whose heart was in the right place and wanted nothing more than to serve Santa Clara. Your continuous covering for Becker’s behavior has dragged all of you even further down to his level, which was an extremely low bar for you all to reach.

    • Hosam and Ron need to sue Natalie hanson since she seems to be the troublemaker and write about things she has no first hand knowledge of. No doubt she is being fed the script. Probably a ghost writer too.

    • In the end the CVRA lawsuit wasn’t about diversity but how to make Jed York richer and the white man stronger. What puppet is he using to oust Gillmor? Not a person of color!

  3. Great observation, Scott. I was thinking the same that about SJSpotlight. Talk about calling someone a liar! SJS is notorious for lying and not getting facts straight. The equivalent of a West Coast Enquirer. Incredible they continue to attack a man in Santa Clara! WTH? Who in SJ cares? Slow news day? This issue was blown way out of proportion no doubt SJS was told to by 49ers. SJS biggest supporter.

  4. I was able to attend the late open session of the meeting. Was surprised how targeted Anthony Becker went after Mr. Patrick and how he went short of calling Mr. Patrick a lier. From my understanding Mr. Patrick didn’t make any false statements and was asked by the city person responsible for the application to make the changes and this is not unusual.

    Not sure why SJ spotlight is going so far with this blog post. Wasn’t going to comment on this issue, but the below headline seems to be unfair and very inline with Mr. Patrick’s treatment at the meeting.

    Ousted Santa Clara commissioner ‘lied’ about residency – by Natalie Hanson AUGUST 18, 2022

    Seems there is a double standard when it comes to when false statements / honest mistakes are punished. Majority rules?

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