Suds Jain and Kevin Park Continue Almost Weekly Meetings With 49ers’ Lobbyists

By Robert Haugh

The August meeting calendars were recently published. 

Vice Mayor Suds Jain recorded several meetings with 49ers executives Rahul Chandhok and Larry MacNeil, both registered lobbyists.

Jain lists the following as topics of his August 8, 15, 22 and 29 meetings with the team:

  • Levi’s sign
  • Noise at concerts
  • James Rowen
  • Sales for field seats
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Concerts in 2023
  • Brian Doyle
  • Robert Haugh (yes, yours truly)
  • Letters from Hotels
  • Public safety at concerts
  • Settlement letters of support
  • Levi’s concert on Saturday

Interestingly, Jain reported “Press on Settlement” for August 15 meeting. Hmmm.

Jain’s  meetings with the team’s lobbyist on Aug. 15, 22 and 29 were all less than 24 hours prior to Council meetings. 

At the Aug. 30 City Council meeting Jain voted with the his 49er Five colleagues to to end the litigation started by the team. 

Councilmember Kevin Park reports meetings with the same 49ers executives and lobbyists on Aug. 8, 15, 22 and 29. He lists no topics.

Park reports that Jain and Councilmember Anthony Becker were attendees of those meetings.

However, Becker doesn’t report the 49ers meetings on his calendar. 

Becker and 49er-friendly colleagues Karen Hardy and Raj Chahal list no meetings with the 49ers. Yup.

After over a year of almost weekly meetings, Becker, Hardy and Chahal, all candidates for this November, now report no meetings with the 49ers.

An expert on the Brown Act suggests that if Jain and Park are discussing information from their 49er meetings with the other three, it could be considered a violation. 

Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe had busy calendars, neither meeting with the 49ers.

Gillmor lodged 33 meetings. Watanabe had 30 meetings including eight meetings with residents — the most of all Councilmembers. 

Becker lists 17 meetings with only two meetings with residents. 

Chahal lists 11 events including no meetings with residents. 

Hardy lists only nine events, with no meetings with residents. 

Park had a busier August with 21 events, but also had no meetings with residents.

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  1. I was up late last night looking at all the calendars from the 49er 5. I can’t believe all the 49er meetings and all the topics. CRAZY and the fact that Becker hasn’t had a meeting with the 49ers since he started campaigning same with Hardy & Chahal what a joke. Thank you for summarizing the calendars Robert I’ve been in shock since I read them. This is so scandalous the self-serving criminals are getting away with ruining the city and where’s Jeff Rosen? When’s Jeff Rosen going to do something about it? Why hasn’t he stepped in to help the city? What’s going on? Is he busy playing golf with Jed??

    • It is worse. Jain reads this so he can pass out to Bugsy. Becker minions got on a blog yesterday and threatened a disabled senior citizen. Warned him to stay out of Santa Clara. Translation they were going to deal with him. So Becker now has cyber punks

    • News flash


      Fppc conducting preliminary investigation on Becker mayoral campaign

      Second one naming 49ers, becker, jain close to be initiated.


  2. This is confusing. Jain and Becker have gone out of their way to regard JR as a useless nobody who no longer lives in Santa Clara, but Jain has weekly meetings about him with the 49ers. Why?? Jain, the old political hooker cant get the guy out of his head. Haugh, Vartan and JR have spent years in very hostile public, well witnessed arguments even involving attotneys, but Jain and Becker in their texts allege all three are collectively running Lisa’s campaign. Huh??? They have libeled Haugh mercilessly. Haugh has rights, even JR has rights. Vartan runs businesses that employ people. So he should advise Lisa. The biggest scab on this wound is Steve Ngo. Myers, Haugh, Field have a right under the law to documents in 10 days. They are citizens WITH RIGHTS. Becker’s minions threatened JR yesterday on Spotlight. Again, they threatened him. Haugh never did that to the guy. Jain is an old bully who wants to run the town.

  3. They need to meet with the management of their pay job. The 49ers require attendance when they invest millions in these traitors to all of us and the city.

    Lock them up!

    • D6, what steering committee? The ones run by the niners?
      Thanks to Robert for keeping up the pressure. I got the first 8×11 glossy hit piece from the niners the other day. I feel like returning them to the lawn of those sporting a becker sign, but that would be littering and spreading false information.
      I am glad James Rowen and I are on the same side of this.

    • Yes mrhmeyers, I was being sarcastic: the Niners are the steering committee for the Council.

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