49er Five Delay Public Discussion of 49er Legal Settlement That Was Approved In August

By Robert Haugh

Former City Councilmember Teresa O’Neill pushed for public discussion of the 49ers’ legal settlement.

That seemed like a simple request since it was approved in August. And there have been multiple press reports about it.  

O’Neill was concerned that the City staff and the City Council have never publicly reported to Santa Clarans any of the details. She said she read the agreement on a newspaper’s website.

“What I expect is that the City reports back to its residents what it has done,” said O’Neill.

O’Neill said the 49ers commented to the media about the agreement the next day.  “It makes it seem suspicious to use an overused expression (when it’s) ‘crickets’ from the City.”

O’Neill’s request made a lot of people nervous.

First, Interim City Attorney Steve Ngo cautioned that the 49ers still have two lawsuits against the City.

The 49ers are trying to get money for the stadium’s VIP buffet. And the team is disputing how much they’re required to pay the City for public safety.

Ngo was concerned that Council members might say something to hurt the City’s position in the existing lawsuits.

Council member Anthony Becker used Ngo’s concern to delay any Council discussion of the settlement. He pushed his colleagues to put it off until the existing 49er lawsuits are settled.

Mayor Lisa Gillmor pointed out that the lawsuits have been going on for years and could continue for more years.

Council member Kathy Watanabe called it “an effort to put this off until after the election.”

They both voted against the motion which carried 5-2. The 49er Five voted for the delay.

But the good news is that the City staff will put the agreement on the City’s website. Wow.

Editor’s Note: The 49er Five are Councilmembers Anthony Becker, Raj Chahal, Suds Jain, Karen Hardy and Kevin Park.

Jed York spent $3 million in November 2020 to elect Becker, Jain, and Park. They were previously 0-6 in Santa Clara elections. Chahal and Hardy have received gifts from the team recently without reporting them.

The 49er Five meet with the team on an almost weekly basis and have voted to help the team win millions of dollars in concessions from the City since December 2020.


  1. The City of Santa Clara posted the settlement with the 49ers on their web site exactly five weeks after reaching it (08/31/2022 – 10/05/2022). Notice of Settlement between a retired police sergeant vs. City of Santa Clara, Police Chief, et al. was filed 08/18/2022 but petition to delay the Case Management Conferece to mid-November was filed this past Friday 10/07/2022. If transparency were ex-council member O’Neill’s true ambition, she would have also demanded the entire settlement of the “systemic racism” case be made available to the public. Seems like political axe grinding going on just days before ballots are mailed out.

  2. Raj must be worried. He sent a walker to my house today to get me to vote for Raj. Really? A paid walker Raj? Using the latest in technology to do canvassing with his phone? Who paid for that, Raj? If you have cajones walk your own districts instead of the 49ers doing it for you!

  3. This is a bit off topic but I thought I saw, in 3 point type, on Anthony Pecker’s ad, that he got the Alex Lee endorsement. How did that happen?

  4. An unintended consequence that backfired on Becker’s dramatic theater over letterhead: The community was educated on how valuable the Related project will be, bringing millions into the general fund and hiring thousands of union workers. Thanks Mayor Gillmore for trying to expedite this project.

    Becker lacks the loyalty to Santa Clara self-control, oratory skills, experience, decorum, the ability to clearly communicate, ability to get along with others, common sense, and the brains to be mayor, imo.

    • https://sports.yahoo.com/fan-leveled-bobby-wagner-levi-182817387.html

      I do not often agree with former council member O’Neill or many responders here. But i always support FULL DISCLOSURE, so they 100 percent correct. They do deserve praise for being right. Jain, Becker,Park are violating the charter by these secret meetings. There are issues that need FULL DISCUSSION. Above is case in point. Who is responsible for the disaster mentioned above. I do not fault either the police or the 49ers. I do want to the matter discussed in public. Both the police and the 49ers need to brief the public about this. How did it happen is all we are expecting.

      After this discussion is over can we also figure out what mind altering drug Becker is taking?? I oppose Related but they are being treated unfairly, most unfairly. THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO OPERATE AN IE. THEY HAVE A FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT TO DO DO SO. The Mayor sent a letter on letterhead. Again, a normal situation. Names on a letterhead do not imply support.


    • As of 5pm today, 49ers have put in 500k to oppose Lisa Gillmor. Send your thoughts
      To becker

  5. Kevin Park,
    The t-shirt that you had on last night was not appropriate for a council meeting.

    • Kevin Park in general is not appropriate for council meeting. If there are two remaining lawsuits, why does Jain get to meet with the 49ers once a week.

  6. The 49ers playing politics within our city has wrecked Santa Clara. Now I’m getting all these political attack ads in the mail against the few independent city council members we have left along with the Mayor, and I am just disgusted. What’s best for the 49ers definitely does not equate to what’s best for the city as a whole. I hope the majority of the Santa Clara electorate understands that, and votes that way. But I’m concerned that all the glossy attack ads and TV spots and political yard signs will take their toll, and Santa Clara will continue to become a shadow of its former self. We’re essentially being run by the 49ers now. That’s not good.

  7. It’s amazing the reaction from the 49er 5 when counciled by a real councilperson with qualifications and experience.

    Thanks Teresa O’Neill for schooling the angry village idiots.

  8. Finn how Becker listed to city attorney about delaying putting the settlement agreement on agenda but wouldn’t listen to the CA about tge Mayor’s role writing letter. Becker’s goal was to nail the Mayor and embarrass her. Cheap political stunt, Becker.

  9. Of course Becker used NGO’s advice.
    God forbid that Becker or any of the
    49er 5 should do anything illegal! 😂

  10. Another delay. Justice delay is justice denied.

    Plausible deniability. Where have I heard this before?!?

    1) I’m for affordable housing and helping the homeless, BUT I delay a scheduled hearing for 100% affordable housing project and risk (=KILL) that their government funding is also delayed.

    2) I don’t take money and have stated publicly that I don’t want IE or PAC money, BUT I benefit from $2.9m spent by the 49ers and can’t tell them to stop when I meet with them regularly.

    3) I stand up against the 49ers in favor of the residents, BUT I work with my fellow 5 majority to to block every effort for transparency and accountability into council decissions that residents are interested in understanding.

    #WakeUpSantaClara2022 – Vote on November 8

    Anyone see the latest Chronicle article:
    49ers triple political contributions, pour nearly $2.7 million into Santa


  11. The agenda item prior Bicker must have mentioned transparency 50 times. But then delayed this item until after the election so he can avoid accountability with the people. Not very transparent, Mr. Buzzword.

    He exposed this as his motivation when his first reaction to Jain’s motion amendment to delay until January 31st was excitement. He quickly backtracked when the Mayor jumped on the logical inconsistency.

    It was also quite shocking that he doubled down on the fact that he clearly didn’t read the agreement closely before signing it. His sarcastic desire to score cheap political points exposed his level of understanding on this issue. If you missed it, he said, after the Mayor tried to confirm that he said he did not read it before signing, that he was checking the signed, executed agreeement if there was any errors. You know, the thing you should do BEFORE you sign something? Although it does bring to mind the question if we can apply Lemon Laws to politicians.

    A campaign of buzzwords and cliches.

    A life of incompetence continuing on the dais.

    • Mr Buzzword, you are being unfair. Mr Bicker is being transparent. We can see right through him. What a phony.

  12. I was disgusted watching last night’s council meeting. Nothing was accomplished. Becker’s grandstanding over whose name is on the official City of Santa Clara was truly an embarrassment. Kevin Park’s faux outrage was an embarrassment. Both Becker and Park had unhinged and illogical rants all night. There is still no permanent city manager or city attorney after a year, yet they are outraged over letterhead??

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