BREAKING: Chronicle Reports 49ers Lawsuit Settled, Police Called on Santa Clara Councilman Anthony Becker

By Robert Haugh

Two incredible stories in one San Francisco Chronicle article.

Here are some highlights – and lowlights from the story:

The 49ers added $325,000 to their previous settlement offer, bringing the team’s cash payment to Santa Clara’s general fund to $1.675 million, according to interim City Attorney Steve Ngo. He wrote in an email to the City Council on Wednesday morning that the agreement was finalized.

When the council emerged from its closed session Tuesday night, Ngo told the public that officials had taken “no reportable action” on the matter. But his email Wednesday said the decision to accept the 49ers’ offer was made “consistent with board majority direction” at the closed session the night before.

Becker and Gillmor had an angry exchange during the open portion of the meeting, punctuated by Becker accusing the mayor of “political theater” and leaking information to the media. Gillmor said Becker’s “verbal attacks and irrational behavior” accelerated in the closed session — to the point, Watanabe said, where she stood up and walked out of the room.

That’s when Becker yelled “F— you!” at Watanabe and made an obscene gesture, according to both Gillmor and Watanabe. Gillmor remained in the room after Watanabe left.

Then he continued verbally assaulting me,” Gillmor told The Chronicle on Wednesday. “I said, ‘This is unacceptable.’ … It just went on and on, to the point I felt so uncomfortable and I wasn’t going to take the abuse. So I stood up and left.

“I called the police because it was obvious he was having huge anger issues. I’m always very careful if it appears anyone is getting out of control. But he was so emotional and I wanted to protect myself.”

Becker, who is running against Gillmor in the November election, said, “We don’t talk about closed-session material,” during a brief phone interview Wednesday. Asked if that included occasions on which the police were called, Becker repeated his comment and hung up.

Gillmor said the incident left her “very shaken.”

“The flipping off and the F-bomb took it to another level that was shocking,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like that.”

A Santa Clara police officer arrived at the council chambers for the rest of the open session, which proceeded without incident. Gillmor wasn’t sure if she would file a police report, though she plans to file a complaint about Becker with the city’s human resources department.

This was worse than anything I’ve experienced in my six years on the council,” Watanabe said. “I’ve never felt this uncomfortable.”

Santa Clara News Online will have in-depth coverage tomorrow of this huge and developing story.

Anthony Becker Santa Clara Councilman
Santa Clara Councilman Anthony Becker


  1. I’ve tried to comment on the SJspotlight article 3 times over the last 12 hours about PD being called on Becker. Funny how none of the comments are being posted.

  2. Where can we read the “59 pages of text messages” from Becker to Jain? Is it posted somewhere? Just curious what was in it. Thanks.

  3. Becker needs to be removed. His behavior is unacceptable and out of conduct for being a public servant. It is disrespectful to Mayor Gillmor and Councilmember Watanabe, who deserve the ability to represent their constituents without being verbally abused. If I were Watanabe and Gillmor, I would have that police report worked up as soon as possible. If it were them abusing and assaulting their colleagues, Becker and the other 49er Five would be throwing a fit. It is sad that we have more than two members (Park and Becker) of our city council who have incidences of violence against women. What a shame. We need to do the right thing and get them OUT. This type of behavior cannot go unnoticed and ignored.

    • After reading 59 pages of texts from Anthony Becker to Smeagol Suds we conclude

      Becker has a dark hatred of the Mayor personal jealousy of Lisa and Watanabe fueled by Suds Jain.

      Texts between them attack Lisa and Kathy about coffee cups and the clothes they wear.

  4. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again

  5. It’s great for Anthony to show his true colors. It’s obvious he has no capacity intellectually or emotionally for this role.

    For this particular issue it’s only a matter of the niners paying their fair share. If he’s so bothered by the niners paying too much, it must mean his portion is getting much smaller.

    These actions are pretty much criminal. Forgiving money owed to the residents of Santa Clara for his own personal gain, if true I hope it looks good in orange. Yes the jumpsuits come in larger sizes.

  6. Anthony Becker is a misogynist and bully. This is extremely self-evident watching City council meetings. I do not agree with his politics but I respect that I respect that he was an elected counsel member. I say the following which has nothing to do with his position on the 49ers, and is not meant to be a flippant statement: Anthony needs to either be put on leave to get some help or step down from his office until he gets his apparently violent temper under control. He also needs to undergo sensitivity training towards women imo.

  7. In all my years of following city politics I can’t think of a time when the police were called on a city council member. Citizen yes, council member no.

    He is truly unhinged and is not fit to lead the city.

  8. Didnt Anthony Becker call the police about some guy who was upset about the sign,??

  9. This is just crazy. You would think one of the other jedyork water boys would have tried to talk him back from the cliff, at least for their mutual benefit. At least before the cops were called. What are the odds becker will stay in the race for mayor? Will jedyork still back him now that he has shown his leadership skills?

  10. Dear Community,

    It seems the 49ers have rubbed of on this Clown in a Suit

    Because they – the 49ers, bully everyone else in the City from the Top Down – the City Council, this man is a typical FRIEND OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

    It was just a matter of time until he lost control of his emotions and actions became apparent that he can use self-control in his day to day activities.

    Guys like this and his actions mirror the immature attitude of Silver-Spoon babies who lash out eveytime they don’t get their way.

    Kind of like Dan White in San Francisco.

    He needs to be searched everyday he comes to City Hall or anywhere near the Mayor away from City Hall.

    Abusers will Bully and escalate their attacks from words to action unless they educate themselves and accept their actions as negative and threatening to Women and Men that they feel they can dominate.

    Again, I saw this coming as a past Co-Facilitator for an Anger Management Class 30 years ago.

    Abusers will abuse.

    That’s my opinion.

    In Community Spirit,

    • Dear Community,

      In short, he is playing everyone for fools.

      He has clearly demonstrated that he has not learned self control.

      His Negative actions reflect “He is not qualified to lead even though he was Elected”.

      Elected means he fooled more Voters then the Other Candidate.

      Example –
      A. When Cops pull DUI Stops
      B. People get Elected
      A. Drivers are fine, hold things together
      B. Starting Community Service is easy
      A. Police Start questions, drivers Fail
      B. Failed Community answers = Fail
      A. Drivers get aggressive sometimes
      B. Councilman lost control, Aggressive
      A. Driver Threatening Cops
      B. Councilman Threats at the Mayor
      A. Driver to Jail for Community Failure
      B. Councilman goes ?
      A. Daddy bought Auto – Responsible Party
      B. 49ers BOUGHT City Councilman – Same

      This is my opinion

      In Community Spirit,

    • Gary Gillmor
      Bill Gissler
      Eddie Souza
      Judy Nadler
      Pat Mahan
      Jamie Matthews
      Lisa Gillmor

      7 mayors
      30 council members

      1972 to 2022

      Only one council member has ever created a threatening environment

      Santa clarans. Do something. By the law,,!!

  11. I moved to Santa Clara in 1999. I was proud that I lived here. But more and more lately, our city has become a joke. A freakin’ soap opera joke. And I can’t wait for the tax increases that are coming to pay for all the recent BS mistakes with the budget too.

    🤣 🤣 🤣

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