Santa Clara Councilmember Anthony Becker Has a History of Abusive Behavior at City Hall

By Robert Haugh

Yesterday, the San Francisco Chronicle broke the story of the 49ers and City legal settlement. But that wasn’t the most dramatic thing that happened.

Councilman Anthony Becker verbally attacked Councilmember Kathy Watanabe and Mayor Lisa Gillmor during the closed-door executive session.

According to the Chronicle’s report, “Becker’s ‘verbal attacks and irrational behavior; accelerated in the closed session — to the point, Watanabe said, where she stood up and walked out of the room.

Santa Clara Councilmember Anthony Becker
Councilman Anthony Becker

“That’s when Becker yelled ‘F— you!’ at Watanabe and made an obscene gesture, according to both Gillmor and Watanabe.”

Gillmor told the Chronicle, “I called the police because it was obvious he was having huge anger issues. I’m always very careful if it appears anyone is getting out of control. But he was so emotional and I wanted to protect myself.”

Abusive Behavior Toward a Planning Commissioner

Becker has a pattern of verbally abusing people at City Hall.

Two weeks ago, Becker led the effort to remove Dr. Ron Patrick from the Planning Commission.

Becker interrogated Patrick  “like a wannabe prosecutor who never graduated from law school,” a viewer texted Santa Clara News Online.

It’s worth watching the exchange to see Becker’s temperament. At one point, Gillmor admonished Becker for his tone. It lasts about 10 minutes.

Abusive Behavior Toward Residents

On December 7, Santa Clara resident Travis Flora came to the City Council meeting to complain that Becker was abusive on two separate occasions during the November 16, 2021 meeting.

Both times were related to FIFA items, said Flora.

“By retaliating against a member of the public, Councilman Becker violated Santa Clara’s Code of Ethics and Values, injured the good name of the City, and undermined the effectiveness of the City Council,” said Flora.

Flora believes Becker is creating a hostile environment and the Council should consider admonishing or censuring Becker at a future meeting.

Becker immediately moved to dismiss the complaint. He was not a happy camper. You can watch Becker’s negative response here

Gillmor suggested that Flora and other residents’ complaints about Becker be taken seriously. Gillmor asked that Becker meet with Flora and report back to the Council.

The Council voted unanimously to have Becker meet with Flora and other residents who he’s offended and report back.  Becker has never reported back on his meetings.

Abusive Behavior Toward Everybody He Can Think Of

But just one week after that meeting, Becker was back to his usual self.

On December 14, Becker attacked Santa Clara News Online, residents who have written opinion pieces, Gillmor and City staff.

One resident texted that “he’s like a bad mall Santa. I think he’s making a list and checking it twice.”

If you want to watch his tirade, you can see it here. Becker was not a happy camper and was not in a cheery holiday mood.

This is a developing story. According to the Chronicle, there’s likely to be an investigation into the current incident involving Becker’s abusive behavior toward Watanabe and Gillmor.


  1. Lol no one believes the crap you write. You obviously have an axe to grind! You are NOT a news source.

    • Kristine, so what part of this story is untrue? Which facts are a lie or untrue? I suspect you have nothing to refute the story. Put up or shut up.

    • Haha!
      Weakly has the ax to grind.
      Better off using their useless
      newsletter for bird cage

    • The newest. Becker insists that the six public record act requests filed by Abel Cardona are personal business. Cardona is campaign treasuerer and authorizes Becker using donations to get 7 Bacon burgers. Huh??? Becker insists talking about Lisa, Kirk Vartan, over munching on hot chicken sandwhiches is personal

  2. Anthony Becker does not have the mental fortitude or temperament to serve as an elected official. Anthony Becker is nothing but a late thirties ill-informed rambling misogynist buffoon who has a career resume of a high school student seeking summer employment.

    And for those who witnessed Anthony Becker’s outburst and remain silent. SHAME ON YOU. Hold your colleagues responsible for their inappropriate conduct or comments. Anyone who acts like he does at work would be fired on the spot…even if you work at Target.

    • Becker and Cardona filed 9 public record requests on lisa and kathy while becker and jain go to events with cameras taking photos of lisa and kathy then sharing them with each other

  3. Becker…always revealing his true nature every time he opens his mouth.
    It’s so embarrassing to see how the meetings play out.
    I’m sick of the elementary school behavior from these so called adults.
    We need to cultivate replacement council members stat!!

  4. This just confirms what happened to me several months ago when I attended a meeting via Zoom. This is not the first time Becker has used the F word towards people. I attended via Zoom a meeting earlier this year that I spoke up at on a topic and Becker was on mute and mothed F@#& You to me. I went back looking for it on tape but found out the City Council does not tape the entire meeting, so I had no evidence of his bad behavior other than what I saw with my own two eyes. His behavior at the meeting on 08/31/2022 just confirmed that I was not seeing things, HE SAID IT TO ME! He must GO!

  5. F. M. Ford’s reply is so twisted, it’s hard to make head or tails of it. Suffice to say that Gillmor and Watanabe are currently the only two on the city council who have city and resident best interests at heart. The remainder have sold out to the 49ers. As to Becker’s tantrums, why are we tolerating this? If it were anyone else, they would be turned out of the meeting or, in case of a city employee, outright fired.

    • I meant to say becker and jain need professional help. They both claim gillmor and watanabe are evil


  6. Why are you keeping Becker on the Committee? Anyone else would have been fired for this kind of behavior. Becker has obviously done this several times, creating a hostile work environment is what you call what he is doing to others.
    We should all remember what happened at VTA when that person wasn’t held accountable for their hostile temper, it escalated with a tragic outcome.
    Becker is not showing respect to the Mayor. This seems to be the rule and not the exception!

    • He was elected, he can’t be removed from council unless he’s recalled, voted out or resigns (which he should do).

  7. First it was Caserta with the volcano head and now hot head Becker.

    Caserta imploded and resigned after his towel antics were exposed. During his run for County Supervisor.

    Looks like Becker is heading in same direction. His abusive words will bring his demise. During his run for Mayor.

    • Texts between Caserta and Jain exist where they exchange admiration. Caserta urges Jain to attack Lisa

  8. 50 pages of texts exist between suds jain and anthony becker

    Accusations about

    Burt Field
    James Rowen
    Kirk Vartan
    Robert Haugh
    Hossam Haggag
    Sam Singer
    Jude Barry

    These six guys are engaged in a conspiracy with Watanabe and Gillmor


    Oh, Lance Williams of the Chronicle is involved with Ron Patrick

    Weird thing about that is if you read all the material in Santa Clara News, there can never be a way this could happen. But Jain and Becker insist on it. Some massive conspiracy from Richmond to Oakland to Santa Clara.

    50 pages of texts obtained through cpras.

    Gillmor and Watanabe are evil

    These two need professional help.

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