SF Chronicle columnist Ann Killion calls Santa Clara “49ers Company Town” – Unfortunately, She’s Right

By Robert Haugh

For some reason, the San Francisco Chronicle seems to have a better grasp of what’s happening in Santa Clara than our South Bay media.

Columnist Ann Killion weighs in. She starts with some nice words about our Mission City:

“Congratulations Santa Clara. You’ve been known for a lot in your rich 245-year history. You are the site of a historic mission, home to a fine university, have provided fertile soil for first agriculture and then tech, and have borne witness to many kids’ first upside-down roller coaster ride.”

But then she delivers a Tombstone Piledriver:

“But now? Now you’re a company town. Bought and paid for by Jed York and the San Francisco 49ers.

Santa Clara Yorkville

“The travesty of a City Council “vote” on Tuesday night was the epitome of a slimy backroom deal. Tasked with the job of considering the 49ers self-proclaimed “best and final” offer to settle multimillion-dollar lawsuits with the city of Santa Clara, the farce of a meeting devolved into name-calling and threats and ended with little transparency for the public. And, ultimately, probably far less money than the public had coming.”

Killion calls out the 49er Five: Councilmembers Anthony Becker, Raj Chahal, Suds Jain, Karen Hardy and Kevin Park.

“The four remaining council members are all part of the “49ers Five,” including one of two members who are currently under investigation for ethics violations (Chahal, Hardy) involving the 49ers and had been asked to recuse themselves.”

Killion also criticized Interim City Attorney Steve Ngo of the Lozano Smith law firm. Ngo really seems to be in over his head with the Santa Clara legal issues.

“When the backroom dealings were over, the interim city attorney — also put in place by the pro-49ers faction after it fired the city attorney — told the public and the press there was “no reportable action.” But Wednesday morning — voila! — an agreement to the 49ers’ proposal was announced. How incredibly opaque.”

Killion predicts what more the 49ers want:

“They’ll want those disputed youth soccer fields. They’ll go after a reduction in rent. They will continue to refuse to open their books to independent auditors.”

You can read Killion’s full column. There’s a lot more. It’s good.

If it’s behind a paywall, you can subscribe to the Chronicle for more good coverage of Santa Clara issues.


  1. Seen at city hall yesterday and entering Human Resources: Mayor and Watanabe. Word is they were there over an hour. Stay tuned!

    • How about this???

      With the settlement we all hate, maybe the 49ers DO NOT do a ecpenditure foe Becker.
      Lisa can be mayor but 49ers are now protected. Becker bad investment
      If he can be bought, then becker can screw them for Ross or another big check.

      Lisa is far more trustworthy.

  2. Now in America women cannot control their bodies. A president tries to have a vice president hung. People applaud shooting cops which is horrible. 78 year old store owners are beaten.

    In Santa Clara, a mayor is endorsed a former opponent, a courageous gay woman

    But a fast food junkie who rivals Ed Wood
    In rotten films curses, threatens respected older women.

    A flim flam artist who claims he is an environmentalist but wants more cars at the stadium. WHO WANTS TO REPEAL THE PUBLIC RECORDS and wants to be 90k


  3. Anthony Becker = Edwin Edwards (Former Governor of Louisiana)
    * Anthony ask your handlers (49ers) about Edwin.

    • Let’s keep our fingers crossed! Becker! Edwards! Becker! Edwards!

      A colorful, powerful, and legendary figure in Louisiana politics, Edwards, who was dubbed the “very last of the line of New Deal Southern Democrats”,[5] was long dogged by charges of corruption. In 2001, he was found guilty of racketeering charges and sentenced to ten years in federal prison. Edwards began serving his sentence in October 2002 in Fort Worth, Texas, and was later transferred to the federal facility in Oakdale, Louisiana. He was released from federal prison in January 2011, having served eight years.[6]

  4. ABBB=Anyone But Bully Becker
    Becker is a punk and a 💩. What a joke, he needs to go.

  5. As a long time resident I am so disappointed and disgusted by what has happened. I supported stadium but like many cannot believe how it corrupted our local government.

  6. My disgust “knows no bounds” that the other members of the council and staff in that meeting let Becker act that way. They needed to shut him down and tell him to stop. And the fact that a woman let him talk to other women that way is unbelievable. What does Becker have on them or are they afraid of him as well????? Time to take those running for mayor signs Becker, you are done!

  7. You left out that Killion calls out Becker’s behavior too. If an angry, bald, 300 pound man is hurling verbal abuse, the police should have been called. Becker is unfit!

  8. Now we know how Jed plans to finance his Yorktown candidates.

    Becker, Suds, Hardy and Park sold out their own city for reelection!

    Seems criminal..

  9. Apparently Killion has been on to the 49ers for a while. She sure pulls no punches and tells it like it is. The fact the two did not recuse themselves makes me wonder if they are getting ‘legal’ advice from the 49ers.

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