Anthony Becker Attacks Santa Clara News Online with Unsubstantiated Claims

By Robert Haugh

Yesterday, San Jose Spotlight published an article claiming that Mayoral candidate Anthony Becker has been the subject of death threats and homophobic remarks.

Becker claims that Santa Clara News Online (SCNO) is the “primary culprit” of the attacks.

First and foremost, I want to say that I condemn hate speech and do not condone homophobic or racist remarks of any kind.

The goal of this site is to inform the community and maintain safe, respectful dialogue on important issues. 

Here a some of parts of the story I think are worth responding to:

“It comes from a right-wing fringe group that supports the mayor,” Becker told San José Spotlight. “(Gillmor) will never, ever denounce that blog. And what that tells me is that she is in association with a blog that is a safe space for homophobia and bigotry.”

I have no idea what group Becker is referring to in this statement. But it’s really irresponsible of Becker to accuse people of belonging to a “right-wing fringe group” without any specifics or evidence. And Becker attacks SCNO with loaded language and hateful accusations. Isn’t that his complaint about others? 

As I have written many times, I support Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor. I think she’s a good leader and shows a lot of courage in her battle to stop the 49ers from taking over Santa Clara.

While she, and dozens of others, did encourage me to consider starting an online news source years ago, she and no one has control over the content. And no one, including Gillmor, pays me to write. I do so because I love my city and think the media coverage has been really skewed. 

Becker has received death threats over the last couple of months, which he reported to the police. He believes the threats are related to a comment from Burt Field, a city parks and recreation commissioner …

I am unaware of threats of any kind made on SCNO. Under no circumstance is any type of threat acceptable. Anyone making any sort of threat via my site will be immediately reported to the Police and they will be banned from making further comments.

Field, who often writes for Haugh’s blog, wrote, “Doing something as public as a recall actually has a right way to do it, and a wrong way. Much like shooting a loaded gun. Ready, aim, fire sure sounds a whole lot better than ready, fire, aim.” Becker reported it to the Santa Clara Police Department, emails show.

There have been 16 articles authored by Field in my six years of publishing this site.

Becker takes a comment where Field used an analogy of firing a gun out of context. Spotlight should have included the entire text so readers could see the context. They failed to include a link to the article and the comment. Field’s analogy wasn’t the best, but Becker is trying to make a mountain of a molehill.

Vice Mayor Suds Jain told San José Spotlight when he tried to comment on Haugh’s blog, Haugh confirmed he moderates all submissions … “The fact that (Haugh) allows homophobic things, when he says his (website) is moderated, implicates him,” Jain said.

Jain has made several comments, all have been approved, many of which are personal attacks at me and others. 

Hundreds of comments have been rejected over content, or because the email of the commenter could not be verified.

When I learn of offensive comments, I edit or remove those comments as soon as possible. 

Comments do not reflect my personal views, just like letters to the editor do not reflect the views of the publication they are published in. 

In conclusion, I should share with readers that Becker and his political allies frequently attack me with terrible and false allegations.  One time, Becker issued a public apology.  

But the personal attacks continue.  And I’m not the only one who has to deal with Becker’s abusive behavior.  He has developed quite a reputation and track record.

You can read about it here.

Many Spotlight readers have made comments on the story that demonstrate the story is biased and lacking any real facts or evidence. I appreciate the support.


  1. It’s great to read these text msgs between becker, caserta, jain, etc. attacking robert haugh. Robert Haugh is living rent free inside these clowns heads. Thanks to PRA21-640:

    Received 08/03/2020 8:59:52 PM
    Anthony Becker to suds jain
    Haugh page commented that Dominic
    endorsed me Lol wow such fake news

    Sent 08/04/2020 8:47:14 AM
    suds jain to Anthony Becker
    You should publicly say Dominic did not
    and that Haugh should check with
    primary sources before printing stuff
    like that. And he has never called you

    Sent 08/04/2020 8:48:55 AM
    suds jain to Anthony Becker
    Remember the strategy is always to
    discredit Haugh in every post

    Received 08/04/2020 8:52:02 AM
    Anthony Becker to suds jain
    It was a comment under anonymous I
    don’t think i should comment someone
    else should

    Received 08/17/2020 8:56:12 AM
    Anthony Becker to suds jain
    No robert Haugh story for two days

    Sent 08/17/2020 10:04:10 AM
    suds jain to Anthony Becker
    I think we might have beaten haugh.
    Will keep working to discredit him
    though (editorial: you wish, suds!)

    Received 08/17/2020 10:05:54 AM
    Anthony Becker to suds jain
    Good Gotta keep it up I been posting
    niners related fluff like trail and stadium
    stuff just to be ready for him

    Received 08/17/2020 10:06:22 AM
    Anthony Becker to suds jain
    Cause then I can reference to post
    saying I said this on this date
    debunking his words
    (editorial: great plan, becker!)

    Received 08/17/2020 10:06:35 AM
    Anthony Becker to suds jain
    But very quiet for Haugh especially now
    that filing has passed
    (editorial: waiting for that shoe to drop!)

    Received 08/21/2020 7:00:30 PM
    Anthony Becker to suds jain
    Haugh is Toast !

    Received 08/21/2020 7:00:34 PM
    Anthony Becker to suds jain
    Now only to tie him to lisa hah

    Sent 08/31/2020 9:14:57 PM
    Becker to Daniel Huynh
    Yeah, I wish they had invited Teresa
    and Bob to begin with. Makes it look
    really biased. Robert haugh will
    probably make a big deal out of it.

    Received 09/28/2020 7:00:18 PM
    Anthony Becker to suds jain
    They are literally using Haugh

    Sent 09/29/2020 10:25:50 AM
    suds jain to Anthony Becker
    Yep. Gotta slap him and Haugh around.
    (editorial: wow! violence, suds??)

    Received 10/02/2020 10:24:48 AM
    Anthony Becker to suds jain
    I contacted clerks office for records on
    meetings with mezzetti Wonder how
    fast they act But for Haugh quick I bet

    Received 10/02/2020 11:24:12 AM
    Anthony Becker to Suds
    Filed my records request

    Received 10/05/2020 10:14:13 AM
    Dominic Caserta to suds jain
    Stop responding on Haugh’s site it is an
    echo chamber and you are not gaining
    anything by doing it. And stop trying to
    tell everyone you are the smartest
    person in the room you have a chance
    to win finally stop blowing it!
    (editorial: Caserta calling the political consultant! reminding suds he finally has a chance to win a election – yeah, with the $3M from Jed!)

    Sent 10/05/2020 10:17:05 AM
    Dominic Caserta to suds jain
    Thank you, Dom. My strategy for most
    of my posts is to expose Haugh’s
    biases. I’ll lay low.

    Received 10/05/2020 11:33:51 AM
    Anthony Becker to suds jain
    She is jumping on my Facebook page
    and making comments now

    Received 10/05/2020 11:36:00 AM
    Anthony Becker to suds jain
    They keep getting comments removed
    so it’s like I’m hiding answers or like I
    don’t give answers Very Sly

    Sent 10/06/2020 11:26:01 AM
    suds jain to Anthony Becker
    Yep. They are desperate
    (editorial: as desperate as you, suds?)

    Received 10/06/2020 11:27:10 AM
    Anthony Becker to suds jain
    Notice no attack from Haugh today
    (editorial: wow, the thing becker lives for every day!)

    Sent 10/06/2020 11:27:55 AM
    suds jain to Anthony Becker
    I attacked him on Facebook for being
    an opinion site.
    (editorial: good for you, Suds! eye roll)

    Sent 10/09/2020 9:00:45 AM
    suds jain to Anthony Becker
    I dropped flyers at Robert Haugh’s and
    Brian Doyle’s houses but didn’t knock.
    Left notes on my flyer.
    (editorial: did they have hearts/kisses saying I’m going to fire you?)

    Received 10/09/2020 9:03:17 AM
    Anthony Becker to suds jain
    Haha love i

  2. San Jose’s Mayor Liccardo made a comment today regarding an ongoing investigation in the San Jose fire department. He stated if the investigation is substantiated then “heads must roll”. I could only imagine how this city council would react if this saying was used in regards to voting them off the council. The media would go crazy, and headlines would be inflammatory and full of hyperbole.

    I would be surprised if anybody at the San Jose Fire Department really took what Liccardo said seriously as a death threat and thinks he will come after them with a guillotine in hand.

  3. Looks like Jed boy doesn’t like the negative responses that the Merky and SJFlashlight have been getting in response to ridiculous choices for endorsements and Becker’s whining. The articles now popping up in the most obscure online news services trying to get traction. It’s hysterical. If they go to Timbuktu maybe someone will listen!

  4. Dear Community,

    This guy sounds so much like San Jose City Councilwoman Magdalena Carrasco.

    I hope that the Voting Residents of his District do not make the same mistake and Vote him in for a ‘do nothing second term’.

    Learn from others mistakes.

    Instead of working for the Community, eyes on other Political Offices took up much time and District 5 is working only because Neighborhoods and Communities go around her Office to City Departments for help.

    Now she wants to Run for Santa Clara County Board of Education.

    District 5 is in pitiful condition. Do not Vote for this in Santa Clara.

    But please do VOTE.

    He sounds just like her.

    That’s my opinion.

    In Community Spirit,
    Danny Garza

  5. All this for Patty’s last stand. Tearing the city apart by trying to crowbar in a f**”ing idiot is not a great legacy. Stop the ridiculous attack on our city.
    Who is worse, Patty or Jed?

    • The amount of self deception to promote Becker as a viable candidate is remarkable. Shameful legacy for all that are trying.

  6. First, I have not seen any homophobic comments on SCNO. Those type of comments (although they do exist in our world) have no place in any rational, adult conversation. I have been friends with Burt Field for many years. He wound never incite violence on anyone, no matter how he feels about them. it’s simply not in his character. Now Becker on the other hand, plays the victim at every turn. He isn’t smart enough to figure out he brings all of it on himself with the way he acts and responds. Abel Cardona is an online troll, and does Beckers dirty work for him. I’m certain he has multiple social media accounts so he can make it seem like there are many people on Beckers side. I have ZERO trust in him. Bottom line, Becker is in WAY over his head. He is rapidly seeing this and is lashing out like an animal who has been cornered. The majority of Santa Clara residents have seen his behavior and are disgusted by it. With the efforts of the real residents of Santa Clara we can send him to defeat in November and recall him in 2023.

  7. Will Becker please pledge that he’ll never run again for mayor if he loses? He is absolutely unbearable.

  8. News is that the SJ Mercury is backing Becker. I’ve already cancelled my subscription.


      Sweet jeezus. Is Sharon Ryan and the Idiotorial Board so stupid? Like the team spent all this money on their behalf but they really didn’t want it. I just can’t believe it. It is clear from the tone of the article that there is a bit of a personal beef with the Mayor.

  9. becker is apparently a follower of the woke religion and this is how he operates. He isn’t black so he won’t get any traction calling you a racist, so what card can he play? Let’s hold him to the standard he claims and require facts. Other wise I suggest we ignore him.

  10. Although I believe Becker is an unaccomplished ignorant idiot who is not qualified to represent his district let alone the entire city, I have not seen anything racist or homophobic on this site.

    When Becker seems frustrated, that when he lashes out, not fit for office.

  11. Let’s talk about online behavior since Mr. Becker has made it a campaign issue. Perhaps Mr. Becker can clarify a few things about the online behavior of his boyfriend/partner, which, to those that are paying attention may rise to the level of an online “troll.”

    1. What names or aliases does he post under? How many accounts does he have?
    2. Does he pose as a woman and sometimes have conversations with himself using different accounts? (Don’t bother deleting, we have screen shots)
    3. Have any of his accusations been picked up by SVV on twitter? (Don’t bother deleting those, SVV peeps, we have screenshots of the fake outrage too)
    4. Has he ever called in to a Council meeting and not disclosed his relationship to you?
    5. Has he ever confronted/challenged a Council member in person and then posted the incident or about the incident online?
    6. Do YOU condone his behavior?

  12. BECKER, You are in the Bay Area where everyone is an ally. When you say things like this with no EVIDENCE, you make Santa Clara as a whole look bad! Just let it go, you won’t win the election and be mayor. MOVE ON.

  13. Becker must be doing bad in the recent polling plus he has a grand jury report and recall hanging over his head. Jed needs a ROI on all the money he keeps throwing into this money out of an election. Keep up great reporting, Robert. We know who controls the SJI narrative.

    • Lots more Gillmor signs in my D6 neighborhood since the Grand Jury report. Lots of outrage.

      Becker will lose in a rout at this pace!

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