City Council Preview: Anti-Corruption Reform Plan and Civil Grand Jury Report Findings on Agenda

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s Santa Clara City Council meeting includes an item by Mayor Lisa Gillmor on establishing a Santa Clara Anti-Corruption Reform Plan.

Vice Mayor Suds Jain also has a request to agendize an item to discuss the Civil Grand Jury Report, how the City might implement some recommendations, and to schedule the Governance and Ethics Committee.

Other items:

  • Closed session — Conference with Real Property Negotiators— 1601 Civic Center Drive, Charities Housing, Kathy Robinson
  • Proclaim October 2022 as Hindu American Awareness and Appreciation Month
  • Proclamation of October 2022 as Community Planning Month
  • Recognize the 75th Anniversary of the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce
  • Verbal Report from the Chief Emergency Services Officer regarding COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Verbal Report Update from City Manager Regarding the Local Drought Emergency
  • Consent calendar — Action on Amendment No. 3 with Wallace Roberts and Todd, LLC (WRT) for the City Hall Relocation Study and Related Budget Amendment
  • Public hearing — Transmittal Report on Grand Jury Reports (For Information Only): 1. “If You Only Read the Ballot, You’re Being Duped,” dated October 7, 2022 2. “Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Santa Clara City Council,” dated October 10, 2022


  1. Wow. Funny that the first people to attack free speech are those that should be defending it. I don’t support slandering people with false claims but all you have to do is state facts and what the GJ said to condemn these fools. Did anyone expect the 49er five to agree to any serious ethics investigation? And as far as BJ’s advice it reminds me of a song from long ago, “Good advice costs nothing and it’s worth the price”.
    Nancy’s suggestion about how to construct a fair ethics committee is worth considering. But what teeth would it have and how long would it take?

  2. You know they can’t argue the message when they go after the messenger(s)

    That’s JV legal interpretation right there. A JV threat. A JV attempt at intimidation. By the biggest flack in town. Mr. JV himself.

  3. Now threats. JB is the most suspect. Doesn’t live in Santa Clara but just in it for the cash. Can’t always hold a regular job but is still trying to siphon cash off of Santa Clara. Very sad and part of the problem.

    • What was this matter in 1995 about Fleck accusing the Late Geoff Goodfellow??? Also, those law firms sure got tired?

  4. Relocate it where? With the U.S. and the world facing a huge recession in the immediate near future, Santa Clara with a huge 27 million dollar deficit, we need to focus our dwindelling finances on core services, police, fire, roads, libraries, senior and youth centers. A study of this magnatude would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. The money that would be waisted on that study could fund senior programs such as reopening the senior swim center nanotorium and youth center activities for years. Who thought of this crazy idea?

    • The community group “Reclaiming our downtown” has been pushing for this. They think it’ll help revitalize the non existent downtown.
      They are treating the “downtown” like Sim City, trying to pack a bunch of stuff in the small area.

  5. Hello Robert,
    Just my 02. I’d be more cautious in your remarks in your blog. Especially allowing anonymous posters to use fake names, not real names. Fact is, the identities of all “anonymous” posters can be discovered via lawsuit and subpoena. Perhaps you may want to craft a disclaimer for anyone who posts under fake name/using aliases to protect yourself. I suggest you speak with an attorney immediately so as not to get yourself and anonymous posters subject to liability. Perhaps you may wish to require posters to publish their identity.
    Here’s a good article on topic from LA Times 2010, but still good law. Look, we appreciate reporting on local issues. It’s pretty much a dead breed in media.You can provide that service and protect yourself and posters, and I’d recommend you talk with an attorney in the subject to get it right.

    • J Byron Fleck, the readers have know way of knowing who you actually are, and if you are, why don’t you yourself use your actual first name? Mr. “Fleck”, you do realize most people use pen names when making comments on almost any subject on the internet. Mr Haugh did nothing wrong here, and your legal “advice” is worth even less than your 2 cents.

    • He’s actually right. The 1996 Communications Decency Act protects web sites from being sued for false, libelous, claims made by others unless the site administrators engage or encourage those claims. But Mr. Haugh should consider his available financial resources in responding to subpoenas and, of course, brand reputation.–what-you-need-to-know.html

    • Gee, Robert Haugh. Looks like those with
      chips on their shoulders are hitting the warpath

      Oh, I said warpath. Is that bad? SMH….

  6. Gillmor has putforth a simple plan for all council members to begin to regain the public’s trust. This plan does not point fingers or condemn any single persons actions. This plan makes sense and should be immediatley implemented by the entire council.

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