49ers Committee Buys SF Examiner “Story” for Anthony Becker Days After He Votes to Settle Team’s Lawsuits

By Robert Haugh

On Tuesday, August 30, 2022, Councilman Anthony Becker led the effort to settle some lawsuits between the City of Santa Clara and the 49ers.

A couple of days later the team paid him back with a full-page “story” in the San Francisco Examiner. Here’s the description of the “story”:

It’s called sponsored content. It’s a controversial trend in journalism. Many readers consider it deceptive. But it happens.

Becker’s sponsor was the 49ers. This was at the top of the “story”:

This was listed at the bottom of the “story”:

This should be reported as a campaign contribution since Becker is running for mayor.  Or it might be another 49er campaign expenditure violation.

It’s interesting that the team would help Becker with the SF Examiner.

Maybe they want to offset the bad coverage Becker is getting from the San Francisco Chronicle.

They broke the story about Becker using an F-bomb in close session and flipping off Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe and Mayor Lisa Gillmor.

Anthony Becker
Santa Clara Councilmember and Mayoral candidate Anthony Becker


  1. Amazing 1 day after he and his cronies sell out city to help 49ers, this yokster gets rewarded with a “thank you Anthony” paid for by his sugar daddy. Disgusting.

  2. Where is the Grand Jury?
    Where is the DA!
    Where is the Attorney General?
    Where is the FPPC?

    Santa Clara is overrun by Jed I am Not A Crook York and the 49er “watergate investigation” 5!

  3. Mr. Bicker can’t decide if he grew up in Santa Clara “and went to Santa Clara schools” or if he had to move to Los Banos “when he was young” because of housing costs. Which one do the Niners tell you polls better? Or did they tell you just to say both because nobody pays attention?

    His “underdog” story reads more like a life of incompetence.

  4. And the best part of sponsored content is it doesn’t sit behind a pay wall. Since no one subscribes to newspapers anyway, this might have been one of the only articles from the Examiner people read. I saw this article over the weekend and didn’t even recognize it as sponsored content, because the disclaimer is so low and in 7 pt font. Pretty cynical, but I guess one doesn’t become and stay a billionaire by playing nice.

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