OPINION: Open Letter to Anthony Becker and the 49er Five – How Do You Sleep at Night?

By Alex Salzmann

To Anthony Becker:

Because you yelled at women, who asked for nothing more than to have the settlement agreement independently evaluated, you are despicable. 

Your screaming match was an all-time low for you. But in just watching a handful of council meetings I could see it coming.

You are Santa Clara’s “Baby Trump.”

To the 49er Five

Let’s take a look at the facts:

  • First, Jed York bought you all into office, most likely because he wanted to continue to manage the stadium and most likely because he wants to control the revenue flowing from it.
  • Then you started to meet with his minions all the time.
  • Then you started to fire leaders the 49ers didn’t like.
  • Then you continued to grant every request the 49ers wanted.
  • Then you all started liking football and going to the games and getting spotted on the field which is something only VIPs do.
  • Then you started getting aggressive with Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Councilmember Kathy Watanabe, blaming them for lawsuits that other parties brought to the city.
  • Then everybody started to think you were just puppets and that made you get angry. But then you kept doing whatever the 49ers wanted. You got angrier and angrier the more and more people called you puppets, even though all along, you never, ever have done one thing to prove otherwise.
The 49er Five: Karen Hardy, Anthony Becker, Suds Jain, Kevin Park and Raj Chahal
The 49er Five: Karen Hardy, Anthony Becker, Suds Jain, Kevin Park and Raj Chahal

Occum’s razor states that the simplest explanation is most likely to be the correct one. 

The simplest explanation for all the above is that you are all compromised. I’d love to hear your explanation otherwise.

I only have two more questions:

1) Do you sleep at night?

2) If you do, what’s your secret?

Editor’s Note: Alex Salzmann is a Santa Clara neighborhood leader and District 2 resident.

The 49er Five are Councilmembers Anthony Becker, Raj Chahal, Suds Jain, Karen Hardy, and Kevin Park.

Jed York spent $3 million in November 2020 to elect Becker, Jain, and Park. They were previously 0-6 in Santa Clara elections. Chahal and Hardy have received gifts from the team recently without reporting them.


  1. It seems if you get in the way of Becker’s payday he throws a fit. Jed put in 3 million last year, who knows what’s in this for Becker now that he’s given them the settlement that they want.

  2. Looks like jed boy is losing sleep. 3 PR articles in as many days in the merc about Levi’s great art, food and their embrace of the lgbtq community? Really? Damage control maybe? 😂😂

  3. Becker can’t handle the truth- when he’s called out for his behavior he BLOWS up because he knows it’s true. Becker’s behavior is a consistent abusive pattern thats been brought up before, hopefully people listen now! He’s been caught cussing and yelling at residents while muted on Zoom council meetings when he was being called out for being a 49er lackey. I was one of those people and felt his rage through Zoom. Becker’s boyfriend was also on Kathy Watanabe’s facebook page harassing her about a TRUTHFUL news article that called out Becker for his latest behavior at the council meeting (he isn’t doing you any favors Becker- just an FYI). Becker’s abusive behaviors continue to shine through and he continues to surround himself with people who also exhibit the same behavior as well. I definitely won’t be voting for a verbally abusive mayor who surrounds himself with similar people, I can’t image all the people he’d attack in City Hall.

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