Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor Initiates Plan With Other Bay Area Mayors to Stop Sideshows

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor announced a joint plan to stop sideshows yesterday with Fremont Mayor Lily Mei and Milpitas Mayor Rich Tran.

“The one here Saturday night with several hundred people, we can’t have just a handful of officers handle that, we need help from regional agencies,” Gillmor told NBC Bay Area.

According to NBC Bay Area, the mayors of Fremont and Milpitas have agreed to work with Santa Clara to combine resources.

They will look into an agreement to have officers respond outside their city limits to deal with sideshows.

The three mayors will initiate meeting with other cities and law enforcement to create a plan that addresses how sideshows move from city to city.

According to a law enforcement source, many sides shows start in the East Bay and move south trying to stay ahead of local police departments.

Last Saturday around 12:30 a.m., a sideshow in Santa Clara resulted in an attack on people in a car and gunfire. It happened at the intersection of Laurelwood Road and De La Cruz Boulevard.

NBC Bay Area broadcast part of the footage from the sideshow on their Sunday broadcast. They said they could not air the complete video because teenagers may have been involved.

But AIO Filmz put a lengthier video on Twitter. It’s a dangerous scene.


  1. Waiting for Becker, Jain, and Park to complain that Gilmore did something to help the community without waiting for their opinions and thoughts. Thank you Lisa for helping district 1 and 2 residents since the 49er five and Chahal don’t seem to care about us. We appreciate the care and plan to keep our neighborhoods safe.

  2. Sorry, can’t resist: if Becker was mayor, he’d attend these, and try and sell 49ers tickets! 🤣 🤣 🤣

  3. Are these new politicians unaware of the California Mutual Aid agreement? It was developed in the 60’s to handle civil disobedience. Might need to re-word some parts but no need to reinvent the wheel. Assuming of course that some modern day wizard didn’t decide to discard the pact.

  4. While Becker’s whining, Gillmor’s working. Thank you Mayor for always putting the safety of Santa Clara first.

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