1. As someone watching this public theatre and considering the grand jury report that the 49er 5 claimed was nonsense. Then there is the behavior by becker towards watanabe and Gilmore in closed session. All said to be nonsense.

    Then this happens?

    Will this be called nonsense too?

    Sad state of affairs.

    • Stan,

      There were parts of the grand jury report that were nonsense and there were parts that were criticisms that needed to be made. The behavior by Becker in closed session should not have happened and it seems that Watanabe’s behavior was not appropriate either even if less inappropriate than Becker’s.

      This is nonsense and an especially bad form of nonsense taking place during open city council session for everyone to see. It makes our city look ridiculous that a city councilman is taking public time to make petty and childish attacks against a member of the public who has a political agenda but who has also been civil and who has backed up his criticism with serious presentation of facts.

      I am a native of Santa Clara and own a business and I have many opinions I would like to express in public comment during city council meetings but I cannot feel safe doing so because I do not think I will be treated fairly as a result. Kevin Park’s behavior shows me that if I speak out against things that he has done wrong he will attack me personally. If I have business that comes before a city council approval I cannot feel safe that he will treat me impartially if I hold him accountable as a voter and taxpayer.

      So his behavior is nonsense but the criticism of him is not.

  2. None of the above. This is all juvenile and it is better to not descend to the same type of behavior that you are criticizing.

    • many times i agree with your posts even on SJS but on this photo caption fun ~ i dont.
      becker & park have abused, accused and bullied and disrespected their office since
      the day they were sworn in. its time they squirm. SJS and other media outlets dont
      give their misbehavior the time of day? why? thank you robert for turning the tables.

    • Manny C,

      We cannot agree on anything and that is okay. I think Park needs to be held responsible for his behavior and more importantly needs to learn to not descend to the sort of petty squabbling that this episode was. This goes doubly for Becker. At least.

      SJS does not report on the bad behavior of Becker and Park and the rest of the council majority because SJS is dead set against Gillmor as is Silicon Valley Voice. But this does not mean that reporting on the bad behavior of Park and Becker needs to take on this sort of tone which I find to be petty itself.

      The important thing is to hold everyone accountable. Not to fight petty fire with petty fire. If you want people to stop acting petty it is best to avoid petty behavior oneself. We should ourselves to the same standard we want to hold them to. As a point of principle and also because people who do not pay close attention to local politics and do not have strong opinions will not be persuaded by petty attacks even if the reason for the attack is valid.

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