Community Meeting on Thursday for Interim Housing Proposal at Benton and Lawrence in Santa Clara

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara County and LifeMoves are collaborating on a new housing project for interim housing in Santa Clara.

The project includes 80-120 units of housing accompanied by on-site support services. 

An in-person meeting and Q&A session will be held to discuss the proposal for the project. 

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 9, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Mission City Church at 1290 Pomeroy Avenue in Santa Clara. 

The meeting will be an opportunity to learn more about the project.  LifeMoves developed a similar project in Mountain View.  Here’s an illustration of it:


  1. They just announced their FIFTH community meeting about this. This is the definition of insanity.

    • Joey,

      Why is this insanity to you? This is the first meeting that will be run by the Santa Clara city council and which will have more than two city councilpeople in attendance.

  2. If you attend, keep an eye out for Karen Hardy and see if she gives another sermon on the mount. What a hypocrite preaching to residents about doing onto others.

    • In this case I think that Hardy and Park deserve kudos for urging a mostly disagreeing crowd to keep in mind the need for temporary housing. I agree with them in how they called for compassion and charity and contributing to process to design best use of the lot to address our crisis of homelessness.

      When he was faced with similar dilemma Chahal only did what was poltiically expedient with the Civic Center affordable housing project that even Gillmore and Watanabe voted to approve.

      It is important to give credit where it is due and Hardy and Park deserve credit for taking a stand according to their moral and practical judgment instead of just covering themselves politically.

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