Lots of Rain But Groundwater Levels Remain Low

By Robert Haugh

Despite recent storms and rainfall, the historic three-year drought in California is not yet over. 

While 2023 storms and rains have helped increase local reservoir levels, many groundwater well levels remain lower than in January 2022.

Valley Water reports that groundwater well levels are higher, but many still remain low. 

This is a cause for concern since Santa Clara relies on the City’s groundwater wells for 60 percent of its drinking water.

The county remains in Moderate Drought, with a third of California experiencing Severe Drought conditions. 

It’s unknown what the water supply outlook will be until April, which is the official water year end. State officials predict that the next drought may occur within a few years.

The recent extreme weather patterns indicate changing climate, according to water officials.

Today, Santa Clara’s water use restrictions are still in effect. Residents are encouraged to visit SantaClaraCA.gov/SaveOurWater for updates.

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