49ers Spending Millions of Dollars to Add Bocce Ball and Shuffleboard to VIP Stadium Suites But Haven’t Disclosed Information to the City

By Robert Haugh

The San Francisco Business Times reported recently that the 49ers have plans to renovate 170 VIP stadium suites. It’s “a potential eight-figure project” just for the VIPs.

But they’re not just putting in some new carpeting.

“…it also will mean the addition of bocce ball, shuffleboard and pool surfaces in ‘club’ areas where suite-goers can mingle before or after 49ers games, concerts and other events, according to the publication.

“Team officials aren’t saying exactly how much the project will cost, but the 49ers will pay for it through the franchise’s capital expenditure budget.”

But the City doesn’t have any information about it. That’s standard operating procedure for the 49ers when it comes to the City, especially now that the 49er Five rubber stamp the team’s requests.  

“You wouldn’t completely remodel an apartment building and not tell the property owner,” (Mayor Lisa) Gillmor said, highlighting the relationship between the city and its stadium authority and the 49ers’ stadium management.

The publication also noted last year’s grand jury report about how poorly the 49ers have managed the stadium for the City: 

“The civil grand jury report in October, which noted the city lost $2.8 million on eight non-NFL events in 2019-20, said the 49ers stadium management company “has not been forthcoming with detailed documentation.” The report admonished the 49ers and the team-backed voting bloc on Santa Clara City Council for stonewalling accountability of the 49ers’ stadium management organization.”

The story also appears in the Silicon Valley Business Journal but is behind a paywall.


  1. Expect a “glowing” op-ed from the Santa Clara Weakly (not weekly) on the 49ers’ grand renovations and how the traitorous 49er Five scored another expensive victory for the little citizen…

    Lest we forget: Mr. Miles Barber, “owner” of the Santa Clara Weekly, endorsed and invested $$$ and news print (biased much?) in favor of Commissar Kevin Park.

    See PDF p. 5 of 7: https://public.netfile.com/Pub2/RequestPDF.aspx?id=193347043

    “When Santa Clara Weekly strives…. to help the 49er FIVE to connive… it is Santa Clarans they deprive…”

    • Oh my. Spending time researching the backgrounds of Suds, Becker, Park, and the other 49er FIVE is nauseating.

      Saw this (at PDF p. 6 of 6):

      Specifically, the 49ers invested in the 49er FIVE via “Sadler Stategic Media,” a company that successfully passed Prop 19 to deprive Santa Clarans the right to pass property “untaxed,” and now allows “tax assessments on inherited homes.”

      See: https://www.sadlerstrategic.com/clients/

      While this company leans a certain way politically, that is not important. It is the fact they worked to deprive Santa Clarans and their children from money during these hard times and to subject us to oppressive local tyranny.

      “When the 49er FIVE…. connive…. to help Jed York thrive… truly, it is Santa Clarans they deprive!”

  2. What does the lease say about what sort of construction requires notification of the city?

    I do not imagine that a sports stadium lease imposes similar terms upon a tenant as a residential apartment lease does.

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