BREAKING: Grand Jury Indicts Anthony Becker for Leaking Report to 49ers and Silicon Valley Voice, Becker Faces Possible Jail Time

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara City Councilman Anthony Becker allegedly lied about leaking a Grand Jury report and now faces a possible felony, according to Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen.

If convicted, Becker could serve jail time. Wow.

Becker has also been charged with a misdemeanor for allegedly leaking the report to former 49ers executive Rahul Chandhok and to the Silicon Valley Voice. Chandhok recently resigned from the 49ers.

The Silicon Valley Voice, aka the Santa Clara Weekly, has been a pro-49er publication for decades.

“Councilmember Becker violated the public’s trust,” Rosen said in an official statement. “That an elected official would commit perjury and lie under oath before the grand jury strikes at the very heart of our justice system and requires accountability.”

Becker will be arraigned on Monday. According to a reliable source, he will be represented by a public defender.

The City Council meets on Tuesday. It’s unknown if Becker will show up.

This is a developing story and a major political earthquake in Santa Clara.


  1. Buchser Alum,

    I agree that if posts are making fun of Becker for renting, using a laundry mat etc is only inflammatory and playing at Becker’s level.

    I also agree that it’s democracy in action to elect leaders representing different perspectives and ideas.

    I know Becker was fighting for more affordable housing and the voice of renters and their plights. He should have stayed on target with those admirable goals. Instead, he was told he was the rising political star. He bloviated and lectured from the dias, and his other fellow council members did nothing to save him from himself, in my opinion.

    I don’t think Becker is all Rosen is after. There is legal exposure and possible jeopardy for those around Becker. It may or may not be a crime that the 49ers received a gjr early, but if they acted on some advantage that early report gave them that I think is a big question. The attorney at the 49ers that received the report early was made to resign, which tells me they/he me know there is possible criminal culpability. I’ve also heard it from others much smarter than I about these matters that the 49er 5 violated the Brown act multiple times, Plus they hitched their wagons to Becker, thinking he was going to be mayor, and I believe at least one or two of them knew Becker was doing something illegal and did nothing, and like California Penal Code 182 states, conspiracy is defined as an agreement of two or more people to commit a crime, or to accomplish a legal end through illegal methods and I think that’s what Rosen is investigating. Rooting out a political conspiracy would be s feather in his cap if he runs for state attorney general at some point. I also doubt Rosen is a fan of the 49ers organization and sees the damage the team has done to both the city and the surrounding county. Becker is a buffoon, but this is political corruption, possibly involving other council members, and a multi-billion dollar corporation trying to forever change our city for the worst in my opinion. It’s a tactic in a major investigation to arrest a lower-level suspect and use them to roll over for a better deal. Becker would not have a good time in prison for 4 years.

    Enjoy your comments buchser, don’t always agree but you present your posts with respect, facts, and rational thinking.

    • Your comments will resonate with the public, Observation. How many constituents hitched their sights on Becker because of promises made? “Shovels in ground in 2022!” Along with affordable housing. Becker held a shiny penny for many that has now turned dull.

      There are many (Jo Warren listed almost all – add former Chief of Police Mike Sellers) that used Becker for their agendas and provided him the tools to sway people. It almost worked. Now many hopes are dashed and they are blaming Lisa Gillmor for Becker’s failures. SMH.

      Many in the know saw this demise coming. Just not this fast. Sooner rather than later may be this City’s saving grace.

      Thank you DA Rosen and Grand Jury.

  2. Saturday, 4/15/23 I was briefly watching Scripps News, Channel 65-6 and was surprised to see in the chyron (that scrolling banner across the bottom of a tv screen) news about Becker and Santa Clara. Whoa, news about Santa Clara being bought by the 49’ers is getting more widespread. Today, there were news stories about Becker’s indictment on Channels 2 and 11. The truth about the purchase of our city council by the 49’ers is finally newsworthy. The millions spent by the York family to buy elections was highlighted. Stay tuned!

    • Suds Jain has early as 5 Decrmber 2020 urged the 49ers to meet with Becker. Both jain and becker have urged revisions of the public records act to evade discovery. Read their texts attacking gillmor and watanabe. Both are political whores

    • Like Forrest Gump’s mother would say about Yed Jerk: “Stupid is as Stupid does.”

    • This story has made national newspapers. The Washington Post has picked it up!

  3. Good for DA Rosen to stand up to institutionalized corruption! And for not being afraid of the powerful 49ers and their political machine, which is likely his true goal here. Becker did this to himself and deserves all that will happen to him.

    The annual clean-up day has come early to SC.

  4. Becker is a tragic figure here, though. I believe he truly had no clue, apparently, what his role was in the big picture, and by the time he found out, it was too late for him to rescue himself. Up until that point, his hubris and grandiose self-delusion of being a rising political star, was wielded like a wrecking ball to the foundation of our city. He labeled many long time Santa Clara citizens as racists and homophobes, greedy, uncompassionate. Becker was in an echo chamber fueled by the 49ers, the other 49er 4, the Silicon Valley Voice – in particular Carolyn Schuk and Miles Barber (both a disgrace to true journalism), The Mercury, San Jose Inside, San Jose Spotlight, etc etc, telling Becker he could do no wrong, and he got drunk and euphoric with his power, once elected. His emotional and intellectual ability to be a councilperson was quickly evident, as well as his character. Those individuals and publications and corporations all usurped democracy in Santa Clara, and continue to do so by interfering with our elections. What they irresponsibly reported as facts, the millions given by the 49ers who absolutely changed the outcome of the elections. If these idiots had let democracy play out, rather than tilt the scale, chances are good Becker would never have been elected in the first place, as well as several others who are self evident.

    • Observation,

      I agree with you in seeing Becker as a tragic figure. Mahan and McLemore and others talked him up and talked him into taking part in our city government to maintain their influence on the council. The Forty Niners used him to serve their interests on the council. His council majority allies have used him as their attack dog against Gillmor. Carolyn Schuk and the Silicon Valley Voice used him as a vehicle to attack Gillmor and apparently as an improper source of confidential information.

      They all played a part in nudging him far over his skis and imposed no consequences upon him for any bad behavior so long as he served as their useful idiot against Gillmor.

      One thing that I have always agreed with Becker on is the value of him bringing to the council the voice of people who are struggling to make it here in modern Santa Clara. People who struggle to make rent and who will never be able to afford a home. It is a real shame that so many commenters here make fun of him for this as if not being affluent is justifiable grounds for mocking someone.

      It is also a real shame that Becker decided to play lapdog for the Forty Niners a special corporate interest and at least in part at some times appeared to take their interests above that of the city he serves. Playing lapdog for billionaires instead of serving the interests of the working class.

      I had hoped that he was just a pawn to get his cooperation against someone bigger but Chandhok and anyone else from the Forty Niners I do not think committed any crimes in receiving the grand jury report from him improperly. Even if a crime no more than a misdemeanor.

      I think he is the ultimate target for Rosen here. Rosen seems to have some common interest with Gillmor politically and in this case he can claim that he was a watchdog against public corruption. That is literally true but if he really pursues a felony conviction against Becker that would feel like trying to take a pound of flesh.

  5. Anyone counting down to the Becker arraignment? Any bets on if he’ll show? What he’ll plead? Who’s got the popcorn?

    • The number culprit in this entire fiasco is Suds Jain. Jain initiated the secret monthly meetings with the 49ers. Jain helped elect Becker. They exchanged texts attacking Gillmor. Jain campaigns against use of public records act requests. Jain engineered the 10 million dollar campaigns of the 49ers. Park initiated a campaign attacking Vartan on Jain’s urging, and Jain encouraged Becker to leak the documents. Jain is a vicious con man who seeks to destroy the ethical standards of the city.

    • 538 pm october 5th, ngo sends draft report. Becker whereabouts???? October 6???

  6. Anthony Becker describes himself as a ºdirector, writer, actor, cinematographer, videographer and political activist” on his LinkedIn profile👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 More like unemployed uneducated liar couch surfer & crybaby
    He can add Felon & Inmate to his LinkedIn profile😂😂

  7. News flash.

    Further evidence sent to rosen
    Cpra 22-1137

    Filed. Asked for all communications between becker and chandhok.

    Becker said there were none!!!


    This was lie by becker to steve ngo

  8. Will Becker try and promote his support for cannabis ordinance by showing up stoned tomorrow?

  9. Al & Larry snitched on Becker 👈🏻👈🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂 This story gets better by the minute. Becker thought he was about something but he was always a joke and will always be a joke. Elmwood has a 5x orange jumpsuit waiting for him. 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Becker is just the lowest hanging apple at this point to be picked from the tree. The District Attorney probably sees Becker is easy to turn, and will use Becker to take down the much bigger trees, in exchange for less prison time for Becker. These bigger trees include those at the 49ers, Becker’s fellow council members, the law firm that replaced our city attorney after Becker helped fire him, and especially Rahul Chandhok, a 49er attorney who received the grand jury report, leaked early by Becker, and every media outlet knowingly receiving this early from Becker. Chandhok is a very high priced corporate attorney for the 49ers, who imo knew what he received from Becker was highly illegal and confidential, and the 49ers were not privy to it yet. Becker will save himself by throwing anyone and everyone under the bus, and those who knowingly either didn’t report what they knew, or took place in Becker’s alleged crimes, should be worried and getting their own personal attorneys. If just one other person helped Becker commit perjury etc, then they can both (or all if more than one), be charged with California Penal Code 182 – Conspiracy. California’s Criminal Conspiracy Laws – Penal Code 182 PC. The following was taken from an article re Cal PC 182:

    “In California, conspiring with others to commit a crime is a serious offense in itself. So serious, in fact, that if you are convicted of criminal conspiracy under Penal Code 182 PC, you could be facing the same penalties as if you had committed the crime—whether or not you carried it out.

    A “conspiracy” is described as when you agree with one or more other people to commit a crime, and either you or they commit an act to further the agreement.”

    And I agree with the earlier post that Becker will pull out every stop in playing the victim here.

    What harms Becker, Hardy, Jain, Chahal, and Park have brought to this city I have lived in for parts of 7 decades, is so sad. Park and Becker, especially, have laughed and mocked public speakers, and absolutely stifled democracy and free speech, as which public speaker wants to be humiliated by them, especially someone already scared of public speaking? These guys are both worthy of being Banana Republic dictators, but not city council members in a democracy.

    Anthony seems to have been caught in his own web. If he was willing to lie to a grand jury, there is nothing he wouldn’t lie about, imo, bringing into question every decision he has made or public statements he has uttered. Thanks Jeff Rosen for taking this step.

    • Can someone please tell me why Jain on March 30 2021 sent an email to Amy Oppenheimer detailing what Bryan Doyle said in CLOSED SESSION. That is also illegal.

    • Great Observation!
      Would be great if some
      Of those decisions could
      Be overturned.

  11. The 5 and Jed York ALL need
    indictments against them. They
    are all involved. This needs to
    be baked more.

  12. As mentioned, AB came perilously close to a being our mayor. Where are his thousands of loyal fans, defending him? There is an old phrase something like ‘vicyory has many parents but failure is an orphan’. And yes, where is B J Fleck when you need him?

    • People get into trouble and deserve a break. These are common people. Becker deserves no sympathy. He is a smart mouthed punk.

  13. Becker,
    According to an ESPN article that I read, your 49er Handlers (Al and Larry) turned state witnesses against you. They ratted you out. Your handlers used you for your title. Google your name to find the article.

    • Hope Becker squeals loudly and brings out the whole truth going back to 2016. Maybe he knows where Jamie Mattthews is!

      Becker’fess up. Clean your soul. Don’t go down alone.

  14. It feels like Christmas in April. I dont see Abel Cardona smack talking and commenting using alias names, he must be busy planning Beckers jail visits. 😂😂😂😂😂 KARMA BECKER!!!!!

  15. May his guilt and conviction prevent him from holding public office (ever or anywhere) again! His ilk deserve no voice.

    • Sad thing is council position was probably longest job he had. Guaranteed $$$.Free food too! Oh well.

  16. I’m guessing based on his past, he’ll claim he’s a victim and this is all politically motivated. But a public defender? Hmm, I guess Jed won’t pony up for an attorney for him. He’s too dumb to realize he was used and now he’s no longer useful to Jed.

  17. Hey chandok! What’s the funny math now?

    Gillmor = beat $5M attack campaign
    Becker = loses $5M independent expenditures campaign
    Chandok = gets the bum rush to ChiTown! Is your silence being bought off?

  18. I just posted this comment on Silicon Valley Voice’s article on this story.

    You were the one who wrote the story about the grand jury report on the Friday before it was to be officially released. You posted your story at 3am.
    In a comment to your story I asked you why it was that you were able to get a story on the grand jury report published at 3am hours before anybody else including big newspapers such as the Mercury and the Chronicle.
    “I am curious however how Silicon Valley Voice came to get a copy of the report and post an article on it many hours before major newspapers such as the Mercury News and Chronicle. And even hours before fellow hyperlocal online news outlet San Jose Spotlight. Can you disclose how you were alerted to the story and got a copy of the report in time to publish an article in the wee hours of the morning?”
    You never answered that question of mine but it seems like this indictment answers the question for us all.
    Since we know that Carolyn Schuk has ghostwritten for Becker it seems reasonable to speculate that Becker leaked the report to Carolyn and Carolyn gave it to you to write up your very long piece complete with quotations from Rahul Chandhok. A piece that was nakedly serving to publicize the talking points the Forty Niners wanted to get out in public before the official release of the report and which they have continually used to undermine what are valid concerns raised by the grand jury.
    Did Becker send the report to you directly or to Carolyn? Or did you or Carolyn get it from Rahul Chandhok or someone else in the Forty Niners organization along with written statements from him that you could quote?
    None of this is a surprise. You and Carolyn or whomever else at the Silicon Valley Voice who was involved made this all far too obvious when you had a seventeen hundred word article to publish at 3am which was around eight hours earlier than the Mercury published their less detailed initial article on this.
    San Jose Spotlight was also suspiciously early to publish an article on this. Also earlier than the Mercury and the Chronicle and also filled with the same Forty Niners talking points and Rahul Chandhok quotes. But at least Ramona had the sense to wait until around eight or nine AM if I recall correctly.
    Was it not Becker and maybe one of the other Forty Niner Five who accused Gillmor of leaking the report?

    • Thank you for such a thorough response. Yes, others on the council accused the Mayor of leaking the report to another media outlet.

    • This has all come back so perfectly to haunt the 49er5 and their cohorts.

      Hope they lose a lot odiferous sleep for the devastation they have caused.

  19. Becker,
    Remember when you laughed as Kevin “The Misogynist” Park read the above book? Well, well, well, now all your friends are ”dead”. Where’s Patty? Where’s Carolyn “Becker’s ChatGPT” Schmuk? The 49ers $3 million, nope… they won’t help with your legal defense because you mean nothing to them now. Rahul won’t come to help either because he is gone to The Chi (Chicago). The media that once scraped up anything to write good things about you, nope…. They are covering this story and the truth about who you really are… a lowlife recently fired, indicted criminal that should resign NOW. Karma came back to you bigger than anyone could expect!!!. Don’t Hate the player, Hate the game. All YOUR FRIENDS ARE “DEAD”.

    • May this be the beginning of the end for Jed York. His greed created this debacle.

  20. Represented by the Public Defender….he can’t afford a retainer for his own attorney?

    I hope the DA leaves no stones unturned and indicts the other 4 remaining council members. I guarantee they were complicit in the leak and hope DA Rosen can connect them with emails texts and correspondence.

  21. So sad…
    For once, the less I say the better…..
    I can clearly see Better Days for The City of Santa Clara on the horizon.
    One down, four to go.

    Burt Field

    • Trump and Becker couldn’t be more different. Both the people and the circumstances.

      Jail birds of a feather?

  22. “Grand Jury Indicts Anthony Becker…..” How did Santa Clara become a cesspool of the 49er Five that HATES its citizens?!?!?

    As much as I am OK with this, it is most appalling that this ever came to our beloved community of Santa Clara.

    It is sad that our city is infested with *rats*,including human RATS!. Where there is smoke there is fire. Santa Clara has become OPPRESSED by Yed Jork and political corruption. Cities evolve, no doubt. BUT when they evolve to KEEP the 49er FIVE alive,……. well, that is PURE TYRANNY and Corruption!

    Viva Santa Clara!!!!

    • Chandick is Becker’s director of corruption. He left town. Hope he is indicted next. Is Carolyn Shucks preparing Becker’s media statement?

  23. “Attention Walmart shoppers, attention Walmart shoppers… Anthony Becker is looking for his attorney J. Byron Fleck.”

  24. Anthony Becker,
    Do you hear the helicopters hovering over City Hall now?
    “The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.” Becker needs to resign immediately or the city council needs to request his resignation on April 18, 2023.

  25. Best news ever. It’s about time this POS is busted. Let’s here all the smack talk now LaLa Verite Cardona 😅😅😅

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