Indicted Santa Clara Councilmember Anthony Becker Cited for Distracted Driving

By Robert Haugh

It’s been a challenging time for Indicted Santa Clara Councilmember Anthony Becker.

Three months ago, he was charged with leaking a Grand Jury report (a misdemeanor) and lying about it (a felony). If convicted, Becker could serve jail time.

Last month, Becker was cited for a traffic violation. According to reliable sources, he was driving while talking on a cell phone. Becker did not return multiple emails for comment.

Currently, there is only general information on the Santa Clara County Superior Court website:

Becker’s latest violation does not have the threat of jail time.

But it is considered a serious traffic violation that could result in a fine and an increase in his auto insurance.

“Using a cell phone while driving creates enormous potential for deaths and injuries on U.S. roads,” according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  

Department of Transportation statistics report that distracted driving claimed 3,522 lives in 2021.

The NHTSA has a special campaign to stop distracted driving called: “U Drive. U Text. U Pay.”


  1. Such a Nuisance thing.
    And very petty. The council should be more concerned with potholes and things that need repairing and stuff instead of somebody with driving their car texting




    • The Council has no concern about his driving. That is a police matter.

  2. City council made appointments to the Bike/Ped committee yesterday. Becker voted too after receiving this traffic violation? After he could have hit a bicyclist or pedestrian? Hope he is mandated to attend traffic school.

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  4. I am not a Becker fan by any means, but this is a non story. People get infraction citations everyday.

  5. It is indeed “newsworthy” in and of itself as it supports Becker’s ongoing pattern of putting himself above the law and above the work-a-day citizens.

    And as far as “intellectual honesty”? You claim you are posting as a “resident” and then go on about your oath of office.

    Pick one of the other bub.

    • John Llewellyn,

      Getting cited for a traffic violation in and of itself is not an indication that someone is putting themselves above the law. If, however, Mr. Becker (or any other elected official) argued with the police officer that they should not be cited because they are an elected official and deserved special treatment (ie: “Don’t you know who I am?!”), then yes that would be newsworthy. But just getting a citation, which could possibly be dismissed by a judge, is in fact a scenario work-a-day citizens / everybody else goes through as well.

      To be clear, I’m not defending Mr. Becker’s action here or his other actions – if his traffic citation is upheld he should be fined just like everybody else. I just feel like this incident does not rise to the level of newsworthiness since it does not pertain to his role as a councilmember, and as far as we know he did not request special treatment because of his position.

      Maybe I’m wrong and you all feel this is indeed newsworthy, but that’s just my personal opinion.

      As to the intellectual honesty bit, I was referring to any elected official’s oath of office. Nothing about my oath of office was unique or different. As I said in my original comment, nobody is above the law (whether you are a public official or not).

      With respect and peace,
      Hosam Haggag (commenting as a resident)

    • Hosam you are entitled to your opinion but why don’t you defend others who have been wronged by the 49er whiners and others on blogs? What a shame.

    • No Hosam. I do not get your point. What I will say is this Becker dude is out for your job. He just approved money to get you FIRED! I wish you hadn’t said anything.

    • Sam Tam,

      I am not defending Mr. Becker or his actions. My comment was to share my opinion that this on its own is not a newsworthy story. When you focus on non-issues (like someone’s personal traffic infractions or citations) it distracts and dilutes from the serious policy issues or behaviors that are more worthy of concern. Otherwise it just feels like a petty witch-hunt when there are real issues at hand.

      I think my perspective on what is going on with the 49ers is pretty well-known and my track record is there to substantiate it.

      I hope you understand my point.
      With respect,
      Hosam Haggag (commenting as a resident)

  6. I have generally refrained from commenting on anything on any of the news sites unless it pertains to my role as the Clerk, but this comment is solely as a resident.

    What is newsworthy here? This is a bit much. Yes, distracted driving is very serious and can hurt the driver or others on the road. But are you going to chase every single citation for all public figures, even the ones that don’t pertain to their duly-elected responsibilities? If Mr. Becker goes to court and the judge dismisses the citation, will you retract the article or issue a new one with the information that the citation was dismissed? What other potential violations unrelated to his elected duties would you write articles about – is someone going to check to see that he is properly separating his trash and recycling? Where exactly do you draw the line?

    Yes, all elected officials should be held to a high standard. We each take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the US and the Constitution of the State of California, and none of us are above the law. But we all need to be intellectually honest about what is newsworthy and related to our elected duties, versus what would be perceived as a hit-piece.

    We can all do better.

    Hosam Haggag (commenting as a resident)

    • Hossam,

      I am with you on this being inconsequential. I would not say it is not newsworthy per se but it is not significant.

      Unfortunately we all know that the type of distracted driving that Becker apparently was caught doing is something that too many drivers to count do too many times to count.

      This does not mean it is okay but there is no political angle to this story unless the only point that one is trying to make is a partisan political attack of a personal nature.

      There is more than enough substantial ground for criticizing Becker than this.

    • Though I have been a critic of Mr. Haggag, I do respect his views on this matter. He is being more tolerant of Mr Becker then visa versa. He did help deal with Mr Park’s misreporting which is his job, and that is what to expect.

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