City Council Preview: Proposal to Make Taylor Swift Honorary Mayor for Two Days

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s Santa Clara City Council meeting sees discussion on several items, including making Taylor Swift honorary Mayor for two days.

Here’s the agenda items:

  • Proclaim Taylor Swift as Honorary Mayor and name the City of Santa Clara to “Swiftie Clara” for Ceremonial Purposes only for July 28, 2023 to July 29, 2023
  • Recognition of Miss Santa Clara Kimberly Vernon
  • Public hearing: Silicon Valley Power Quarterly update
  • Public hearing: Action on appointments related to a Charter Review Committee and direction to study Charter Amendment alternatives related to Police Chief and City Clerk positions for possible placement on a March, 2024 ballot.
  • Public hearing: Action to Approve Introduction of an Ordinance Amending the Santa Clara City Code to create a Limited-Term pilot project regulating vending upon certain public sidewalks and pedestrian paths around Levi’s Stadium on event days including the waiver of certain business and permit fees
  • Public hearing: Action on a written Petition by Councilmember Suds Jain to appropriate funds to support the work of the Charter Review Committee as well as strategic policy analysis, voter research, community engagement and other related costs associated with Election activities and potential ballot measures in 2024


  1. Only a true Santa Claran can wish…

    In Response to:

    City of Santa Clara


    WHEREAS, American and Great Santa Claran Burt Field has had a tremendous cultural impact since his debut to encourage youth and others to enjoy Santa Clara’s vibrant activities; and

    WHEREAS, Burt Field advocates for the youth to play Soccer in whatever park or field that the San Francisco 49er’s decide not to destroy; and

    WHEREAS, Among many other accolades and accomplishments too numerous to list, Burt Field is most esteemed and beloved by many Santa Clarans; and

    WHEREAS, Burt Field dedicates time to provide a wide range of recreational programs, services, parks and facilities to the citizens of Santa Clara; and

    WHEREAS, Mobster and conniving Jed York induced the removal of Burt Field from his voluntary position; and

    WHEREAS, During the period of September 16 to September 17 the Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival is set to provide joy to the Santa Clara community; and

    NOW, THEREFORE, I, LISA M. GILLMOR, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Mayor, and on behalf of the Santa Clara City Council, do hereby proclaim Burt Field as honorary Mayor for the period of September 16 to September 17, and the name of the City shall be changed for ceremonial purposes only to the:


    To celebrate the positive local impact to the Santa Clara community, as well as the impact regionally, of Burt Field’s mighty impact and influence on improving lives of all Santa Clarans.

    Given under my hand and the Seal of the City of Santa Clara, California, this 24th day of July.

    City of Santa Clara

  2. Just an opinion on ‘on-line petitions.’

    We that care for our beloved Santa Clara can disagree “HOW” best to maintain a family-friendly community juxtaposed to the those on the 49er five (5) that desire to kill Santa Clara communities.

    A request is made to sign a “petition.” With all due respect and utmost agreement in our aims, petitions do nothing.

    Recited in the Declaration of Independence: “in every stage of these Oppressions We have PETITIONED for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated PETITIONS have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”

    Santa Clarans are BEYOND petitioning only. THIS forum is THAT form of petitioning.

    SOLUTION: Get the VOTE out against Al “Jed York” Capone!

    Santa Clarans need to learn that a Tyrannous City Council deprives us all of Santa Clara life.

    FACT: Karen Hardy, Suds Jain, Kevin Park, Raj Chahal, and Anthony J. Becker HATE YOU!

    FACT2: Santa Clarans, push back and recite US Senator Chuck Schumer’s words: “You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

    I weep as the stupidity of politicians…..

    • I agree thar petitions have little effect on buffoons like Park, Jain, Becker. VOTING DOES. But petitions can bring people together at the moment. You are right, Ms. Warren, but we have to go on record NOW.


  3. The City Attorney and City Manager, as well as the proxy that takes Burt Field’s place are NOT going to be around when the NEW city counsel convenes. The 49er Five (5) rule by cut-throat politics. It’s on. Brush up your resumes, chumps.

    The City Attorney limited the questions and ALL council people squawked like parrots…

    Multiple repetitions of: “how would YOU increase community garden(?);” “does Santa Clara need more parks and open spaces (?);” “how will you improve the International Swim Center and other pools(?);” did you participate in city events before ‘shelter-in-place’(?),” and which “parks and rec activities you would like to Expand(?)”.

    No one on Parks and Rec ought to have the power to do what was asked. I observed the whole process of selecting the person assigned to replace Burt Fields and ALL the candidates were UNDERWHELMING. For sure, all boasted their “high tech” and “engineering” experience. P’shaw.

    Most likely, the 3 candidates score high in IQ. But NONE of them convinced me that their EQ was sufficient. There is a MISPERCEPTION that just ‘cause youze is smart that you rule the world.

    BULLSHYTE. Many “smart” people are actually dumber than a box of rocks, as can be observed in our Santa Clara city council. As we say, there is “book smart” and “street smart,” and NONE of the Parks and Rec applicants demonstrated the latter. I know, ’cause if you wantz guude graydes youze needz to study and NOT ENGAGE in teamwork.

    With this council, Santa Clara is in the beginnings of a “death spiral.” (look it up Suds, you know what you are doing).

    • Jo warren, good observations.You were not only person tuning in to interviews.The P&R candidates were not prepared. Vijay Gupta was the best choice of 3. It was interesting that a councilman opted out of voting for any candidates in defiance of what happened to Burt Field.may people not forget what the stupidity of the 49er 5 did to a good man.

  4. We propose “Burt Fields” as HONORARY MAYOR on Sept. 16 and 17 for the Art and Wine Festival. If some no-nothing performs for Al “Jed York” Capone at Levi, well at least one of our Santa Clara citizens deserves that right.

    • Ms Warren

      You are very articulate.

      Guess what district Burt lives in??

      Mr Heron had it right


    • Good for you, April.

      As I said many times, Field and I can argue over issues. We have. But he deserved to be reappointed, HE DID. Burt was serving on a commission. WE NEED DEDICATED PEOPLE LIKE BURT. So disagree with him, big deal. Burt was QUALIFIED AND DEDICATED. That means reappoint.

      So sad that Moe Jain, Larry Park, and Curly Becker dont get it.

    • Jo Warren,
      Sounds like a great/fun idea…. at least from my perspective! I’m a huge fan of the Art and Wine Festival. Maybe by then our City can celebrate “Indicted for Perjury” 49er Council Member stepping down Day!

      Tell me, when does “Court Appointed Attorney” become a relevant term? Obviously neither the 49ers or Becker are in any hurry to do anything. The longer they can drag this out, the greater chance they can harm our City.

      By the way … this last Tuesday Night was my last Park and Recreation Meeting.
      Sad night for me. I’m going to miss hanging out with some really great people.

      As the meeting was wrapping up, I asked all the other Parks and Rec Commissioners to continue to serve our City. Some had shared with me, their initial desires to quit. Mainly as a way to show support to me, but also as a way to notify our City that this is not how a volunteer should ever be treated.
      I confirmed that what was done to me was wrong, but them leaving our City in this volunteer role was not the best way to get this fixed.

      Mistakes in judgement by the 49er Council were made. However, it then showed again just how little they care about our City. They put the agenda of the 49ers ahead of everyone else. Why … real simple, because they could.

      So what’s next???

      A few years ago, the Chief of Police asked me if I would be interested in serving on his Chief’s Advisory Committee. I have been honored to help in that role. But mostly just blown away at just how great our Police Dept is regarded by all the other agencies not just in the Bay Area, but in the Country. It’s amazing to see how many qualified Police Officers have decided to leave their current positions to “Lateral” over to our Santa Clara Police Dept. Literally giving up years of qualified retirement service just for the ability to work and serve in our City.

      So why is this now relevant?
      Just last meeting the 49er Council approved to spend over $500K just to get the removal of the “Elected Police Chief” on our City’d next ballot.

      First off, who asked for its removal?

      Second, why would any resident not want to elect its own Police Chief?

      If successful, we as residents will no longer be able to elect our Police Chief. That decision will now rest in hands similar to what we are seeing lead our City right now … yes, it is as bad as that sounds!

      In 60+ years I have never heard one resident say … gee … I really want to give up my right to elect my Police Chief. I’d rather trust people who I will never meet or talk too, to make that choice for me.

      Also, during the last few 49er Council meetings, more and more of the residents are telling the 49er Council they would love to have the International Swim Center repaired and running correctly again. Imagine what the impact that very same $500K being used to actually make our City better? Imagine the positive vibe our City would get restoring a Historic Landmark, the one building that has made our City’s name synonymous with Worldwide Greatness in the worlds of International and Olympic Swimming and Diving for decades.

      So interesting debate…

      Thanks again for the fun comment.
      Hope we all get a chance to meet soon.
      Burt Field
      Former Parks and Recreation Commissioner.

  5. Suds Jain is one of the most anti democratic elected official ever. He is useless representing downtown. My thought use the charter committee to put in an ethics commission.

  6. “Public hearing: Action on a written Petition by Council member Suds Jain to appropriate funds to support the work of the Charter Review Committee as well as strategic policy analysis, voter research, community engagement and other related costs associated with Election activities and potential ballot measures in 2024”
    Appropriate funds, two of Sud’s favorite words. As a past member I can say the charter review committee does not need funds. And the rest of it? Suds wants the city to pay for the knife he stabs in our backs. A sly way to pay for promoting a charter review on the ballot to allow jed to appoint the Chief of Police. And our resident indicted liar will be there to vote for it.

  7. “Proclaim Taylor Swift as Honorary Mayor and name the City of Santa Clara to “Swiftie Clara” for Ceremonial Purposes only for July 28, 2023 to July 29, 2023”
    Seriously? I would say this is the dumbest idea I’ve heard from our council, but there is too much competition for that title. I don’t see where she has any roots in Santa Clara or any connection. What drives this?

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